10 Ways To Find A Date on Facebook

Aaliya Khan
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Facebook is the easiest way to catch up with friends and connect with their friends too. A whole web of mutual friends can be created by simply getting introduced by a common friend. Facebook is a playground of hook ups and break ups on a daily basis. For all you guys who haven’t got lucky yet, here are 10 ways you can find and date a girl on Facebook without sounding immature or creepy!

1. Clear your photos

Clean up all the embarrassing photos from your profile. You don’t want people to know about your idiotic moments that were supposed to be private affairs. If your “new friend” comes across these pictures, there will no future chats, mind you!

10 Ways To Find A Date on Facebook

2. Cleanliness is next to Godliness when it comes to your timeline

Be very careful with your timeline settings. You can switch among groups who can see certain posts and hide it from the rest of the world. If you have a lot of family members as Facebook friends, you know what I am talking about! Don’t come across as someone who is only interested in dating hot girls/boys and is constantly talking about them. Such people sound desperate and almost brain-dead. You will successfully turn off your future prospect.

3. Send friend requests

Send friend requests to as many people as you know, it goes without saying that the more friends you have, the more people you find in your newsfeed. Scavenge through people from your school, college, past and current jobs.

10 Ways To Find A Date on Facebook

4. Friends of friends

Now that you’ve made so many friends you know what to do from here. Keep an eye on your newsfeed, see what your friends are posting and who they are tagging. If someone catches your eye, leave a comment in response to their comment apart from your friend’s update.

5. Send a friend request to him/her

After successfully commenting back and forth, you can send her a friend request since she now knows you and is likely to accept your friend request. This also helps you from being creepy and randomly approaching a virtual friend. If they don’t respond to your friend request, let them go and don’t go all creepy and stalk their profile. Keep your dignity.

6. Woo My Friend

Nothing is more valuable than real life experiences that are easy to relate to and learn from. WooMyFriend is a new idea in the online dating space that is looking at transforming the way Indian singles find partners online and provides friends with the ability to set each other with like minded singles in a safe and moderated manner.

Woo My Friend page on Facebook be a magical place to find The One! Try your luck!



7. Ask your friend’s help

If you don’t want to send them a friend request, ask your friend to introduce you to them, it could sound stalkerish but you can do it in a decent manner and she never has to find out. You could say something like, “Hey, I noticed someone on your Facebook page. Do you think you could introduce us?” It’s presented simply and in an honest way.

8. Don’t be an irritating person

Here is what people usually do: Your eye catches someone and you directly message them. Get one thing right, she knows she’s cute, beautiful and she has a lovely smile. Likewise, he knows he is handsome.  Don’t simply ask them to add you. If you like them, send them a request and not a message. It’s really idiotic.

9. Things that you shouldn't be doing

  • Don’t poke her time and again, in fact, not even once because she’ll think you’re desperate.
  • Avoid using swear words on your timeline.
  • Don’t post forwards that nobody reads, you wouldn’t like it too. They are annoying and a total turn off.
  • Post sensible stuff and if you can’t do that, refrain from posting.

10. What next?

If she/he responds to your friend request, you can like their pictures and updates and messages. If she/he seems open and friendly you can ask them out some day.

Now that you’ve made yourself presentable, you’re ready to meet the ladies!

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