Social Media Case Study: How Cloudnine Care Used Integrated Digital Strategies For an 800% Increase in Traffic

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Social Media Case Study- Cloudnine

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Cloudnine Care




As a premiere maternity care provider in Banaglore, Cloudnine Care wanted to go big with its signature Mother’s Day Carnival – MummaMia. The objective was to organize a light-hearted event to celebrate motherhood and at the same time engage with their target audience.


With no previous online presence or promotion associated with MummaMia, the objective was not only to promote and capture registrations for the event, but also to establish it as a signature Mother’s Day event.

The focus of the whole digital campaign was to create lot of buzz around MummaMia, get some of the hashtags trending, push user engagement and of course, get loads of leads!


Tangence integrated digital strategies with the campaign objectives to get the desired results. Tangence adopted an integrated approach to push the event online. The mix included social media, email marketing, mobile marketing and CSR. The campaign was bifurcated into three phases – pre event, on the D-Day, and post event. Content was an integral part of the campaign and strategic hashtags were used to promote specific events and activities.

The campaign started with creating buzz on social channels and other online platforms (created events on Facebook, Twitter etc. Special landing pages that were integrated with a robust mobile system, were created for the event. Aggressive promotion followed to capture registrants and give them real time confirmations for their registration.

Multiple contests and campaigns were launched to promote the marquee events at MummaMia. Collection of Mom and Kid selfies for Limca Book of Records was a major highlight of this campaign. A special Facebook badges app was also created to push brand awareness and the whole concept of celebrating motherhood.

We also did real time online coverage of the event and each activity was promoted instantly. Tangence also conducted special online contests for people who were at the event, real time, to build online engagement.


43% registrations from online promotion, close to 2000 registrations for the event.

Aggressive content marketing received a total of 3500 clicks, 792.49% increased visits (5000+ social traffic). We will be able to get 23K+ Facebook likes, 285.52% increase in Facebook reach, 397.61% increase in Facebook impressions and 72.52% increase in Twitter reach.

Engagement on social media increased manifolds: - 294.61% increase in Facebook users engaged, 374.59% increase in Facebook posts likes, 35.61% increase in Facebook posts comments, 31.52% increase in Facebook shares and 500% increase in Twitter Retweets.

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