Social Media Agency Feature: Skarma – Creative+Web+Digital+Production Studio

Who are we?

Skarma is a design-led creative+web+digital+production studio that helps create and execute campaigns both online and offline. We love bringing ideas to life through innovative, well-thought out, and ecological processes that open minds, connect people and make a difference.

What’s in the name?

Circa 2010, four friends were part of a project for which they made a giant human peace sign with solar lanterns on the side of a mountain in Ladakh. The enormity and effort of working as a team inspired them to start this venture in Mumbai, and they named it Skarma – which translates to ’celestial body’ in Ladakhi. To add to it, a core tenet of Skarma, ever since and even now, is that we believe in living, learning, implementing and then giving back. You could say we believe in Social karma. Geddit?

What we do?

Skarma creates campaigns that promote an idea, product, service or event and anything in between. We conceptualise, strategize and execute – finding solutions to communication gaps, projections and rebuilding existing brands where necessary. From brand development to 360º campaigns, website creation, video production, content generation, spatial and event design, all the way to humanitarian causes and sustainability projects – we do it all.

Why we do it?

There’s an unparalleled joy in helping an idea come to life. That’s why we do what we do at Skarma.
It could be a start-up (how we love the infectious energy that they bring along!), a video idea, a global campaign (check out our work with the Ministry of External Affairs!), or design projects (from little bookmarks to entire sets) – as long as you want to translate a unique thought into a creative, communicative message, we’re up for it. It’s a Skarma prerequisite to have an imaginative genome in you, and it’s an itch we can’t stop scratching!

How we evolve?

The world’s our lab. More than trending, we believe in being relevant. With an eye for what’s in on the digital and design space, Skarma ensures that every path that leads to the goals our clients’ projects want to achieve is considered, weighed and elaborated upon.
Importantly, we allow for meticulous brain-picking in our team sessions. You can never tell how much awesome a little snowballing can add to a campaign!

Here’s an example – when our team covered the experience that was the ASEAN-India Naval Expedition and the ASEAN-India and BCIM Car Rallies, we ensured that the ship INS Sudarshini as well as the rally cars were rigged, tested and equipped with Go-Pros that added an edge to our footage and the experience. We also trained the ship’s crew on how to write and upload blogs – resulting in an amazing amount of stories straight from on-board!

Social responsibility in social media

Skarma has a conscience, and we take pride in standing up for it. In a world that’s changing shape, rules and the game constantly, we ensure that what we say, how and when we say it has equilibrium of the positive, the resourceful and the responsible.
To add to giving back to the system, we have IPs such as The Freedom Of Expression Movement, Free To Be, India Is – all of which are concrete projects and campaigns that unite people for distinct, relatable and socially responsible causes. In addition to our own IPs, we’ve handled mini campaigns for small non-profits and educational institutes in India.

Need of the hour

As a digital agency, and perhaps especially as one, Skarma’s constantly trying to ensure that there’s a right balance between the virtual and real world. What agencies need to ensure is that the audience be given a good dose of whatever it is you’re dishing to them, while allowing them to be in touch with society, nature and themselves. Where do we draw the line? With our increasing emphasis of integrated campaigns, we’re trying our best at keepin’ it real.

We learned the hard way

Man plans, God laughs! We’ve learnt something we can apply to almost every aspect in life now – Always be ready to readjust to changing timelines, business environments, client needs, the market place and much more. A strong campaign idea doesn’t depend rigidly upon the collateral, or the copy, or the platform only – it depends upon the concept. When that’s crystal clear, you’ll find adapting is pretty easy.

Did we just share that?

Social Samosa 40 Under 40
December 2013 was a 31 working-days month to pull off a brand new EDM festival (peppered with insane work hours, flaring tempers and even magnanimous patience). Not complaining though – it was a brilliant success, say our clients and the people themselves.

They work with us

Ministry of External Affairs, ASEAN-India, Viacom18, Vh1 Supersonic, Comedy Central, Delta Corp, 70 EMG, Famous studios, Mumbai Indians, National Centre for Performing Arts, Tata Memorial Hospital – and we haven’t even started bragging.

Industry as we foresee

India already has the second maximum number of cellphone owners, and while analog’s not out of the picture, digital clearly has the reins. We see campaigns dictating train of thought, media associations allowing for people to connect with , and the world fitting into the palm of your hand, with access to just about anyone and anything you want to.
This industry isn’t a phase -it is here to stay.

A day without Internet

… will find us huddled reinventing ideas, discussing new campaigns, rehashing the old ones, indulging in cosplay and calling for food instead of ordering online.
The show never depends on the internet; it depends on our never-say-die team.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Depends on when you’re reading this. In case we aren’t, hit us up so we can keep you in mind for when we are looking. Also, you could collaborate. So many ideas, such little time!


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