7 Social Media Lessons You Can Learn From a Dog

Social Media Lessons From My Dog

8 years ago, a fur ball of naughtiness came into my life – Sara! She changed my world and has been my best teacher so far. In 2008, I started a small company called Heads Up For Tails, an exclusive brand for pet products. My favorite part of the day is to interact with all of our fans on Facebook, and over the years have build up a strong and interactive community. I must admit that in addition to some very valuable life lessons that I have learnt from her, here are 7 Social media lessons that she’s taught me.

Show some excitement:

The best part about being around Sara is how excited she is when she’s around us. She is super fun to be around, and her excitement is infectious! In other words, there’s a pure joy emanating from her. Who wouldn’t love that? Let your customers feel the joy you feel to be communicating and connecting with them! Every morning, I am excited that it’s another day to connect with our community on Facebook, and I know that our fans can feel and appreciate the same! When you are excited and having fun – others will stop to take note. Don’t be boring. Let customers feel the passion in your brand.

Communicate Well:

Dogs have to communicate with us without being able to speak. Sara is an expert at this; she pays attention to everyone around her and makes them feel special. She gets us do anything and everything for her with just one wag, or big fat lick! The lesson I’ve learnt here is that people interact with a brand page to know more about it. Make sure you communicate with them sincerely, honestly and loyally. Give them what they are looking for, be it information or entertainment, and they in turn should be communicating and engaging with you. If they are not – something’s not right. Fix it!

Be Loyal:

Sara doesn’t pretend to be anyone else. She is who she is and we all love her for that. She is extremely loyal, and I feel that social media campaigns should be, too!  If you promise something, you must follow through. I believe that Social Media channels are an extension of your brand, your beliefs, your service – make sure you are helpful and responsive.

Be persistent:

When Sara wants a biscuit, she’ll just sit there and stare at you till you just can’t help but give her a biscuit. If she wants me to walk her but knows I am busy, she will do lots of things to catch my attention – put her wet nose into my lap, give me a nudge, wag her tail against my desk or just show me puppy eyes, until I eventually get up and walk her! If you show some persistence, you will eventually get what you want. Till then, keep working day by day, week by week to reach your goal. Stay Calm, and Carry on!

Show off some personality:

Sara has a BIG personality! And she shows it off. She interacts, and communicates, and wags and licks! She has her likes and dislikes, her awesomeness and her quirks. But that’s what makes her a ‘person’ (almost!), and that’s why people are drawn to her. If you want people to communicate with you, be a person! Show off some personality. Don’t be a robot. Be human, and show your human side. Let people know that there is a person on the other side of the conversation.

Act Quickly:

If there is a biscuit for grabs, Sara will eat it before you can even say Woof! If the favourite sofa spot is available, Sara will jump and curl up before you can say ‘It’s Mine!”. She acts quickly! In today’s digital age, customers expect a reply or response almost instantly. People will post questions or responses on a post, and it’s essential to reply back to them in a timely manner. It’s important to give your social media the time that it needs in regards to answering back to questions and messages in real time!

Give it a 100%:

Sara eats each meal and walks each walk as if it’s her last. If you have decided to do something, go all out and give it your 100% day after day. Push past your boundaries, break those rules if necessary and dream BIG! Plan new campaigns, experiment on social media, give it the time and dedication that it needs and you will definitely progress.