Twitter’s World Cup Application Hits The Goalpost!

twitter world cup promotion page video

The World Cup started last night and given that this one is being held in the age of social media, there’s no escaping the fact that every major social media platform is prepared for it!

After Twitter’s attempt to snag the audience by introducing this thing called the ‘hashflag’ , there are no signs of them settling down. And why would they? In fact, I’d say, they’re ‘sticking to their words’ of launching 15 New Ad Units in the coming weeks which is emerging as a success already.

twitter world cup tweet post

This World Cup Ad toppingly leads you to an app which provides you everything you’re looking for as a Football fan. Sounds cool, right? Here’s a sneak-peak of what’s in store. Twitter has rightly sprung out with an app which is going to get you all the #WorldCup followers out of their couches.

When you log in to your Twitter account, you’re first presented with the option of picking a team of your choice and getting your favorite country’s flag as your profile picture.

Twitter World cup Teams world cup app


Twitter world cup app profile picture change

It is followed by putting forth a list of some world-famous players to your screen for you to follow them and get your Timeline loaded with World Cup tweets. Yeah!


You can then Follow some Football maniacs on your list to get some additional information which you might not have come across otherwise.

Twitter world cup app find friends

And once you’re all decked up so will be your tweet, announcing your support. Isn’t that cool?

Twitter world cup app final tweet announcing your suppport

Such attempts by these social networking sites to market themselves is definitely going to get the audience saturated. What else do they exist for? If this is what is called Social Media Marketing, they’ve hit the bull’s eye! It has definitely reached out to many more apart from the ones who already loved the platform. Adding up to the fact that it personalizes your account and makes it even more ‘FIFA-ish’!
Besides maintaining it’s digital presence, it is also on the right track when it comes to the engagement of the audience.

If you’re a Football fanatic, this is the best thing that has happened to you.

This for sure is going to get you to shudder what the next World Cup would be like!