Western Digital Launches a Facebook Application Pledge Green WD Fulfilling Their Corporate Social Responsibility

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Western Digital Launches a Facebook Application Pledge Green WD Fulfilling Their Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Media marketing has been an exciting marketing trip for many brands. Innovative approaches and brand new concepts on social media are often heard of these days. Brands usually love to flaunt their tech skills by building micro sites, launching massive campaigns and creating benchmarks for the entire ecosystem.

While these brands are busy promoting their products and services, Western Digital, a technology company took a simplistic approach and contributed towards the social good of the society.

On Facebook, the brand has over 1.5 million fans and over 1 lakh fans talking about the brand. In terms of engagement, the brand is doing pretty well looking at these figures.

Western Digital has created an application on Facebook, calling it Pledge Green with WD and invited users to submit a pledge that would do good towards social welfare. The application is launched on the occasion of World Environment day thus making it topical in nature.

WD 1

The user interface is very simple and easy to use too. The users have to simply click on ‘Enter Now’ and they will be redirected to a page where the number of pledges are showcased in a beautiful visual representation.

WD 2

The user can then add his/her pledge along with an image and ask his/her friends to begin voting. However, this feature has been kept optional which is a good thing. Having contests that have results based on voting is simply a bad practice which leads to account spamming.

The theme of making the planet greener has been integrated in their entire marketing approach. The application is being promoted with fun facts which are being represented through various content updates on the page.

Wd 3

Wd 4

The brand is giving out 10 hard drives to winners.

NGO support for a Social Campaign

Western Digital partnered with an NGO for this campaign and it made all the sense to do so considering the application theme. Jazz, a Lucknow based NGO works in the space of tree plantation. Western Digital is also going to help the NGO plant trees in arid lands of Malihabad located in UP.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Many brands forget about corporate social responsibilities while promoting themselves on social media. Such social initiatives ensure a well engaged community and also offers an opportunity to create wider topics of discussions. It offers an opportunity to a brand to promote itself without direct selling and break content clutter.

Western Digital is doing so by crowd-sourcing pledges and giving their community a moment to take a break from their busy lives and contribute in their own small way towards the welfare of the society.

Grab this opportunity to pledge towards a greener environment.

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