10 Types Of Social Media Users You Find During FIFA World Cup

Vedant Borkar
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10 Types Of Social Media Users You Find During FIFA World Cup

This is the most exciting time to be a football fan, or as American’s love to call it, soccer fans. It’s World Cup time; every football maniac waits 4 years to enjoy such moments. The excitement of every fan reaches its peak, which is evident by the sentiments they share on their social media accounts. Over the years, it has become very apparent to categorize social media users on the basis of posts and tweets.

While everyone is leveraging the Fifa World Cup fever, Here are some of the types of social media users you will find during the World Cup.

Plastic fans

They really aren't followers of any team nor of the sport in general; their fakeness is exposed by the lack of basic footballing knowledge which they display through their social media accounts. They try very hard to fit themselves around the hype.

Live feed

They thrive on updating the accounts with minute by minute details of the match, so much so that your entire news feed is flooded with the recent happenings on the field, as if watching TV is not sufficient, you also have to deal with their constant updates on social media.

Brazil fans

For them football means only one thing and that is ‘BRAZIL’. Its not as if they are die hard Brazil fans, but sadly Brazil is the only thing they know about football. You can spot them on your newsfeed - supporting Brazil. For them, Brazil is a big deal because that is what separates them from the plastic fans.

Messi and Ronaldo fans

It does not matter who Luis Suarez, James Rodriguez, Thomas Muller etc. is. Messi and Ronaldo are the only players who play the game according to these fans. Argentina and Portugal are not of any concern for them either. The only factor that matters is how Messi or Ronaldo play and they certainly do not shy away from expressing their support for them on social media.

"I am too Cool for World Cup Users"

Fifa World Cup is supposed to be the most followed sporting event after summer Olympics but men, they don’t care. We all have at least a couple of such users on our timeline who will post about how they don’t care about the ongoing extravaganza and are cool with their life.

Stats expert

Okay, I must agree they are rare but they do exist. They love numbers and football and cannot wait to mix them both to bore the hell out of their friends on social media. Klose is just one goal away from equaling Ronaldo’s tally of 15, Ronaldo with 90% successful passing rate, Buffon made 6 saves etc. you name it and they have it all with their glorified numbers.

Drooling over players users

These types of users are often females. "OMG! Ronaldo looks so HAWWTT!!" , "AWW! Messi is so cute" - are some of the views they share about the World Cup on social media.

Fashion pundits

It does not matter how the team is passing the ball or winning the ball from opponents. For them it is important to make a comment about players hairstyles, team jerseys, the referees' uniform, Manager suits, WAG'S fashion etc.

Why can’t India participate users?

The most patriotic lot of all, their anguish and concern for Indian football reaches its peak every four years; they crib about why a nation of 1 billion people can't produce a team which can qualify for the World Cup. They are neither well-wishers nor avid followers of Indian football.

Actual fans

Okay, I need to be honest. World Cup on social media is incomplete without the actual fans. This breed worship football like a religion, they pick up a side and support it till death. It doesn’t matter what the timing of the kick off is, they just won’t miss a moment of their favorite team. Their passion for the game is justified by the authentic emotions they share on their social media accounts.

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