[Free Download] Social Media Strategy Review Of Top Oral Healthcare Brands

Brands of the Oral Care Sector have a proud history of their existence but most of them have recently made their entry into the world of social media. The industry in India entails some brilliant brands that are trying to build their social identities and make a mark in the digital space.

Since the sector is still in the beta stage of social media campaigning, the ideas and content plans are naive, which calls for attention from social media enthusiasts and requires monitoring and tracking of their performance.

These oral healthcare brands have been studied for a period of 30 days (15th May to 15th June), using the tool Explic8, a social media analytics platform developed by Germin8. The following brands have been studied:

Ebook Oral health care pic 1

  1. Colgate
  2. Pepsodant
  3. Vicco

The report reviews their strategy on the following parameters :

  • Monthly Timeline Chart
  • Audience Analysis
  • Buzzword Chart
  • Content strategy On Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Online Buzz
  • Service Feedback
  • Sentiment


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