Facebook’s New Recommendation Feature for Videos


Facebook has no stop when it comes to innovation. Yes! This social networking site is now testing a ‘related videos’ feature within the mobile News Feed that exposes the user to some similar video content once you’re done with watching one. 

Once a video is done playing in News Feed, you’re given an option to watch some similar videos from a sampling provided by Facebook.

FB video recommendations


Lately, Facebook has been focusing more on their video content. This was to identify which of their videos are doing well amongst the users and moreover who are their video-audience. This networking site also announced that the users will be recommended more videos after watching videos on the site.

This stands as an added advantage for the advertisers too. Facebook’s in-feed video advertisement is helping them identify the portion of its users most approachable for video content. Also with Vine videos being in news recently with it’s advertiser-friendly-update, advertisers can really count on social networking sites like these for their profit-generating activities.

This recommendation feature will help to identify which users like the videos, at the same time, providing them more of what they enjoy. As of now, the suggested videos seems to be user-generated. 

Facebook never stops surprising us!

Image Source: Mashable.com