[Industry Update] Team Pumpkin has Bagged the Social Media Mandate for Foodhall by Future group

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Team Pumpkin, a Mumbai based digital and social media agency, has bagged the social media mandates for Foodhall by Future group.

It targets well-travelled urban Indian consumers who love to experiment with global cuisine and promises to expose customers to the finer nuances of food. This store, designed for food lovers, is a one-stop shop offering novel concepts from around the world on one platter. With an aesthetic blend of Indian flavours along with the West, Foodhall is a gastronomical delight. This specialty store is a den full of the best discoveries.

Foodhall keeps coming up with monthly themes which shall be promoted by Team Pumpkin on social media to entice customers. Team Pumpkin is currently working on this month’s theme, “Asian Express” which deals exclusively with oriental cuisine. They will be handling Foodhall’s social presence through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, extending their reach to millions. They aim to keep customers updated on food humour, food classes and other interesting posts that will create more chefs and foodies all over the world.

“Our team is very excited about this opportunity and we look forward to spreading our delicious love for food on social media. I find the concept of Foodhall unique in itself and have been in love with the concept ever since my first visit to the store. Social media has made the food industry accessible to everyone today.  We aim to create brand awareness by engaging people through Facebook and Twitter. We want to build a food lovers' community through social media properties and look forward to engaging with the wonderful Foodhall customers out there. The whole team is charged up and we are all set to take Foodhall social media to an all new level”, says Swati Nathani, Business Head, Team Pumpkin.

Future group Team Pumpkin business head Foodhall social media mandate Swati Nathani