A Jewellery Brand Attempts a Shift in Target Audience on Social Media Platforms

Malabar Gold and Diamonds Jewellery launched a campaign calling it She is Mine on their blog. The official online store of Malabar Gold and Diamonds has seen an upswing in traffic after the introduction of the campaign.


International jewellery brand,  Malabar Gold and Diamonds, is reaching out to men for the first time and asking them to write about that special lady in their life who could be a sister, mother, daughter, wife or even a best friend. The brand is keen on giving men a forum to talk about the women in their lives.

The campaign is being run in order to promote their new pendant collection from Mine.

She Is Mine promotes the latest collection of Mine Diamond Pendant Set with Ring. Emphasizing on the impressive price point, the brand decided to innovate a completely new concept to market.

A page has been made on the official blog where stories can be submitted.

mala 1

The stories have been displayed on the website too.

mala 2

Various posts on the Facebook page of the brand are being promoted, keeping the communication creative consistent with purple colour.

mala 3

The brand also created an underlying marketing thought behind the campaign and has been tweeting as well as posting updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Content Creation by Fans

Brands should leverage their community to fetch attention. Approaching potential users on social media by way of collaborating with them through an activity is a great idea. Who better than your own fans can think about your brand in a more personalized fashion.

Content creation by fans is a route which encompasses not only huge traffic but also a feeling of involvement with the brand. Hosting the contest on the blog not only fulfils Malabar’s traffic target but also stands as a strong social proof of their fanbase on social media. After the content is shared by each user, it is appreciated by the loved ones and this might induce feeling of attachment with the brand indirectly. Hence leading to future purchases and a strong recall value.

Target Audience

The brand’s target audience maybe women but the brand clearly understands the other important influencer while buying decisions are taken. It has therefore smartly placed its marketing effort by including men in their campaign and directing the activity towards them.

Usually jewellery brands communicate directly to their female customer segment for promoting their products, but this is the first time an Indian jewellery brand has broken the stereotype.

This brand seems to have planned this very astutely, getting the attention of their fans as well as their loved ones. It has ensured a sure shot way of striking an emotional connect with the audience.


Even though sports brands still interest men the most, their interests can be evoked by other brands too! Malabar’s She is Mine campaign is a really good attempt to break the stereotypes that prevails towards men being not-so-interested in brands revolving largely around women.

The brand has compelled me to believe that there is something beyond the first impressions!