10 Tips for Using Hashtags to Reach More Audience

Bhavna Vaja
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Strings of words without space prefixed by hash sign are called hash-tags. It helps in amplifying the content as well as garner high visibility for the brand. Below are some important tips that would guide your hash-tag usage for your brand on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

1. Source

Hash-tag for your brand or your campaign can emerge from the core values, current affairs, taglines, and TVC messages or celebrity endorsement.

2. Small and Simple

Don’t complicate! Short and simple ideas always have big impact. Keep your hash-tag small and self-explanatory.

3. Letter case

Make sure that your hash-tag is readable. Case structure is equally important for clear view and high effect. For instance #Asktheexpert consumes time to read and re-read compared to #AskTheExpert.

4. Relevancy is the Key

Although the hash-tag should focus on scope of engagement with the audience, it is significant to pay attention that it is tied up to your brand. Relevancy of your hash-tag and reach of the brand go hand in hand.

5. Enticing

Hash-tag used for campaigns should not only generate curiosity but hit the readers brain at the right spot in order to generate the right kind of ROI.

16. Take Another Look

We all learn from our mistakes, or mistakes from competitors or some other brand in different categories. Before floating your hash-tag look those up, to identify chances of bouncing back on the brand negatively. Alter it if you see any risk.

7. Call to Action

Support your hash-tag with great content so as to guide users what is expected from them. Sharing ideas, thoughts, tagging friends or any other crowd sourced information required to fulfil the brand objective.

8. 24Promote

Automated content can be used on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to boost the hash-tags to get visibility at initial stages. Make sure that the hash-tags are uniform across platforms.

9. Cross Promotion

Don’t stick to online medium for promoting your hashtags. Use packaging, hoardings, TVCs, radio jingles to promote your hash-tags for higher reach.

10. Measure

Well-crafted hash-tags with strategic promotion results into higher reach. Reach is not only easier to measure with Hash-tags, but can gather immense insights for brand’s future campaigns. Measure hashtags trends here and here.

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