Sharing Links on Facebook? You Might Want to Know About Facebook’s Latest News Feed Update

We’ve always come across brands and publishers sharing links to their web pages by putting up an image update (because images ensure good engagement) or in text-only status updates (because text updates get good reach).

Very few share links the conventional way where the link is shared with a preview image.

Pic 2

It was a nice little hack that marketers used to get more engagement and better numbers in their monthly reports. Well, all that is going to change now.

According to Facebook’s latest News Feed update, links that are shared via an image or text update will be given less priority compared to the conventional link update. And Facebook has a valid point to back it.

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Links usually get drowned out when shared with an image or text around it. Also, the links shared this way are difficult to click on to on a mobile device.

The link update, on the other hand, gives more prominence to the link and are easily clickable.

In fact, according to Facebook’s research, links shared in the form of a link update gets 2X more clicks than an image or a status update.

What are your thoughts on this News Feed change? Share with us in the comments below.