How to Build a Complete Consumer Engagement Strategy in the Digital Age

Challapalli Kalyan ram
Feb 20, 2014 06:51 IST

Digital media is practically reinventing itself everyday and evolving with every nano-innovation and we could quite easily end up chasing the media and find ourselves nowhere.

The job of marketers and brand custodians has just become that much tougher since along with the opportunity that this new media brings there is also confusion. How does one ensure that it is one seamless brand that is communicating and interacting across traditional media and new media? How does one ensure that it is one imagery the brand is building across such fragmented media, with each platform, each medium unique in its behaviour?

Pause! It is important to pause and take stock of your brand’s larger purpose- what your brand promise is and who your key consumers are. If you approach the orchestration of your brand across media with the single filter of ensuring that your brand promise/purpose is lived, experienced by them, then while you adapt and operate with the specific medium/platform unique insights, you also end up ensuring that you have one brand image that you are building.

Digital media is not just about a few posts, lots of likes and optimizing your advertising. Neither is digital media a replacement for your other media initiatives.

Digital media offers a unique opportunity to interact with and engage people throughout the year and not just have media-bursts based relationship. It enables a brand to help people with a multitude of issues that they might have, which your brand/category can help them solve.

It is important not to get carried away with words like “its an interactive/engagement medium” unlike traditional media. It is more important to figure out what you want to engage with and interact about with them.

Here’s a strategic instigation at orchestrating your brand across media, while leveraging the unique advantages that each medium/platform has to offer.

A strategic instigation to create an eco-system with your initiatives on each medium adds back to the other and you have a continuous, complete consumer engagement strategy in place.

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