9 Facebook Groups/Pages: Entertaining, Useful and Interesting!

When the World Wide Web was launched, everyone was really fascinated by the fact that they could chat with anyone across the world. I still remember the MS-DOS look alike chat box where everyone could see everyone’s chat. Not that it mattered; no one really knew who they were talking to.

So, all these really cool entrepreneurs decided to come to our rescue by making social networking sites that would help us streamline who we connected with, through them. And we all know how it all evolved in no time.

While everyone was busy creating a social networking site that would have a statement of purpose different than that of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was trying to figure out how he could enable every type of communication through Facebook itself. So, on 6th October 2010, we got Facebook Groups. Actually, the groups started much before that. But the newer, evolved, and user friendly version was launched in October 2010.

Here are 5 Facebook groups that play a major role in my daily routine:

Food Talk India

I am a complete foodie. And though I am on a diet right now, this group is still just too important for me. :P

Food Talk India – A group, secret in nature, and has over 20,000 participants and is extremely active. That’s the best thing about secret groups. It works on referencing. So, a participant will invite only those people who he/she thinks will actively contribute. To the rest of the world, the group just does not exist.

So from Goa to Delhi, to a lot more places, people talk, eat, sleep food through this group. The best part about this group is that it is faster than Zomato. You ask a question and the next minute you will see answers pouring in!

Guess I have pretty much proven my love for food.

Caffeinated Photographers, Art & Music Lovers

My daily dose of coffee, photography, art, music, travel, food. Isn’t that all you need for a perfect life? In short this is my daily dose of inspiration!

Caffeinated Photographers – A highly recommended group for all media professionals. Media people fall in love with their work and clients totally take advantage of that. So, whenever I am disappointed, this is the place I go to, on Facebook. It gives me the assurance that I am not the only one who has to see such days.

Second To None

The day I discovered this group, my respect for Mark Zuckerberg rose to a different level.

He really has everything under the big roof of Facebook. The best part is that Facebook is just an enabler brand and is not even doing anything to run such groups. People do it all themselves and free of cost!

Second to none is a group where you can sell and buy second hand items. So, every time I want to buy something and do not really want to spend too much on it, I make it a point to check this group for it. AND that mop actually looks good. I think I am going to buy it :P

Another beautiful thing about this group is the whole objective behind it being made. The admins of the group swear by the following tenets: Reuse. Recycle. Don’t discard. Resell. Don’t waste. Share.

Digital Media: Jobs, Internships & Freelance projects & Digital Mazdoor Sena

Every time there is a sale and my pocket is empty, this is exactly what I do – Go to this group called Digital Media. Find an interesting freelance project.

Such groups are a good way to connect with the right people & showcase your work. You never know. Sometime, something really good might just come your way!

Tribe of Dardanaak Jokes

This group is perhaps a light hearted entertaining group full of jokes.

We all have that one friend who cracks the silliest of jokes possible but is always around us as we need a break from all the’ stress’ and ‘pressures’ of life. Imagine this group, its almost a multiplication of our friend.

Indian Food Freak! – For those who love Food!

This group is self explanatory. The most common topic of discussion, food is discussed here in length.

For foodies, this group is a must visit. Recipes, reviews, food suggestionsphotographs etc. make up most part of the group. This page can sort out all the confusion of finding the right place, at the right location, at the right price.

Norinder Mudi, Monmuhin and Pappu – Beyond Politics!

Don’t we all just love our politicians and their statements, or rather no statements at all from some. This group updates us with all their bizarre statements and literally makes us laugh about anything and everything about them. Norinder Mudi, Monmuhin and Pappu are plain entertainment!


Goonj – Do some Charity!

We all sincerely want to do something to benefit our society but are simply incapable or rather clueless as to what to do exactly. Goonj is a Delhi based NGO which helps in providing clothes and basic amenities to the poor. Our feel-good factor is just a click away now. This page can exactly help us direct our efforts towards those areas which we have been ignorant about all along.

Pet Lovers Mumbai – For all things pet!

A group for pet lovers to exchange information – such as pet foods, diets, training, socialization, advise to 1st time pet owners, recommended, services, pet walking, pet sitting, pet picts.

Pet lovers are in abundance and so are pet businesses. There is a group of over 1000 members on Facebook who form a small community of pet lovers across the city of Mumbai. This group is great for pet parents, pet businesses and helping each other get through common concerns.

Journalists & PR – Love Hate Relationship?

Journalists and PR professionals need to be in touch with each other all the time. Hence this group. Easy to connect and post queries regarding coverage of stories, news, events etc.

Facebook Groups are indeed a good way to connect with like minded people, share thoughts, gain knowledge and talk about stuff that commonly interests group members! What better than having passionate listeners for something you want to talk about.