Met On Facebook, Fell in Love & Now Married: Rupsha and Rahul

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Cupidity strikes again. We are back with a love story of a cute couple who met on facebook and fell in love. Lets know a bit about them first and hear their love story straight from them.

Rupsha-I am 23, have just completed my masters in English from Presidency University. I am a freelance translator. I love reading and watching movies. I am hugely into sitcoms and classic sci fi.

Rahul-He is 30, ex-mariner, now works in RBI, loves music and games. He is a huge movie buff too.

How did you both meet? How did you first interact?

I had met Rahul on Facebook on a small group of politically like-minded people. I was in my second year of college, doing my graduation in English from Presidency University. He was a marine engineer, who was in the middle of a change of profession. Some people were joking about marriage and as a joke it came up that we should get married. We had never talked before but for the sake of the joke we exchanged numbers.

When did you realise that ‘It’s Love’?

Since he was seven years older to me, we did not take it too seriously. He sent the first message on Facebook. We started talking, and soon realized and we found out that we have a lot more than political views in common. The long phone calls started. Both of us liked each other a lot and we knew this was special. He was a little shy initially, so I was the one to say the L-word first! In less than six months of an amazing courtship, he asked me to marry him. I had once casually mentioned that I'd be on top of the world when he'd proposed. So he proposed to me on a giant Ferris Wheel when we were on top. Needless to say, I said yes! A year later we got married on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14, 2013).

How many years of togetherness do you share?

We have been together for three years.

Did you feel weird when you met the first time, going ahead and meeting a stranger?

Not really! We had fallen in love even before we met each other! By the time we met, we knew that we had found our soul mates.

How did your families react to the fact that both of you had met on Social Media?

Our families almost fell in the love with the idea of us getting married! Hence it wasn't an issue at all.

How and when did you announce about your relationship on Social Media. What was the reaction of friends/followers when they got to know that you had met on Social Media?

We had updated our Facebook relationship status the first day we met. We knew it was meant to be.

For many friends we were the first couple who had met online and tied the knot. So they were pleasantly surprised.

What do you think about the relationship status on Facebook? Do you think it’s become a fad to announce publicly that one is dating and then seek support when one breaks up?

Some people do crave online attention, be it with relationship status or photos or posts. But that is not uncommon in non-virtual life, too! It is best to update the relationship status when both are ready to announce it to the world.

Some Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media Couples from your experience.

The most important thing is to listen to one’s heart. A couple must trust each other. It is very easy to dig out skeletons of the past from social networking sites. But that can cause unnecessary strains. Just like non-virtual life, there will be a bunch of haters online, who might even be old friends. They will always have something nasty to say and will try to break a couple up. When in doubt, the best thing is to ask.

On the other hand, one should realize that in this age of social networking, it is not possible to hide anything. Hence honesty is absolutely essential.

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