Now Available: Facebook likes for Rs.300 and Twitter Followers for Rs.200

Selling Likes & Followers

And we thought they only limited themselves to spamming on Facebook Groups. But they have gone the traditional way by posting on walls (no, not the Facebook one!)

Don’t believe us? Look at the image below from Kochi:

Selling Likes & Followers


Yes. The seller even helps you with PAN Card ‘delivary’.

But all that is immaterial. What I am surprised with is how selling of likes/followers is becoming so mainstream. Did it ever occur to you that one day you will find such ads on roads? The fact that such like sellers are still around is certainly disturbing; but I am, in a way, glad that social media is becoming somewhat mainstream.

PS: Don’t even think of buying likes/followers at that rates. I know it should be understood, but I just wanted to put it out in case you are tempted. Use ads with good targeting. Or better, build your community organically.

Source: @ssaig for spotting and Tweeting about it. @CruciFire for sharing with us.