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Aug 25, 2014 05:38 IST
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Who are we?

We are Mavericks. We look at things upside down, inside out & say ‘why not’- We challenge the ‘status quo’& think outside the box.

We have been largely operating in the Australian market and have been providing 360-degree digital marketing services to businesses across Australia.

Recently we have put together an awesome team (of Mavericks!) who specialize in creating engagement, leads & sales by running awesome social referral contests & campaigns.

Over the last 18 months, we have put in a lot time and effort in developing a range of apps for :

-         Social Contests

-         Social Commerce

-         Social Gamification

-         Social Referral & Rewards

We believe that the next opportunity for brands and businesses is in SoLoMoCo (Social, Mobile, Local, Commerce) - I.e. brands will need to engage with their mobile consumers over social channels & be need to be seen as a local supplier with instant gratification via social commerce.

What's in the name?

Maverick Mav’s founder / CEO Akash Vijay Malik was better known during college years as MAV, a spin on the first letters of his full name.

When making his foray into Digital Marketing, Akash decided to make that a part of his company in the most intimate way possible – by putting it in the name. The road ahead was uncertain, but one thing Akash knew, and has been instilled in the Maverick Mav team is that touch of magic to our solutions. The usual would never be sufficient so it wasn’t enough to be Marketers – we needed to Mavericks instead.

What we do?

We are a digital media and web design firm specializing in Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Corporate Branding and Facebook Application Development.

Our core competency is creating Conversations & Conversions through social channels by way of Social Contests, Social Gamification and Social Commerce.

Why we do it?

Social Media’s impact is no longer a mystery. More brand wake up to realize how essential a carefully constructed strategy for marketing themselves online is every day. We see the imminent need to make sense of the chaos and create solutions that focus on results, and simplify these solutions for general consumption.

How we evolve?

Digital marketing is all about engaging and capitalizing your business prospects in a relevant and compelling way.  Our services cover all these relevant sectors by continuously changing our approach with the shifting trends.

We analyze all data points to discover Customer needs to better their marketing efforts, and then we get to work making it happen.

Social responsibility in social media

Any media that allows a broadcast comes with responsibility. A lot of brands currently take the let’s-not-be-party-to-this approach when the time comes to comment on a social issue even today, but the tide is shifting – slowly but surely. An honest approach is the first step towards social responsibility and more brands are acknowledging that and starting to take baby steps.

Need of the hour

High Return of Interest (ROI) – social media presents a very compelling proposition, which involves not only creating awareness but, hopefully, building a scalable business model that receives all of its power through social media and unravelling that little mystery is what we aim to help businesses with.

We learned the hard way

There are 3 most important laws that govern the impact of social media marketing. They are:

  •  Listening: The more you listen the better you understand. Understanding the business needs of your clients and then channelling the resources will help you not only in achieving the target but also excelling in the field.
  •  Quality: Simply put, quality trumps quantity every step of the way.
  •  Content: Only amazing and engaging content survives the test of time. If you have these two aces up your sleeve, that’s more than half your job well done – your audience will do the rest.

They work with us

Sydney Film Festival,, Nutrimetics AU & NZ, Tasman Eco, Justchill Waterpark India are a few names from the hundreds of brand we have worked with.

Industry as we foresee

Social Media is the new word-of-mouse. The next big thing is social commerce, we’re certain because it has been a while since social media has acted as a medium to only disseminate information. It’s time to see the money. Twitter’s recent acquisitions, Facebook’s almost daily additions to the platform to better integrate social commerce, and Instagram’s controlled, yet effective, advertising solutions – they all point in the same direction.

A day without Internet

Is the kind of day we’d rather not imagine? Internet thrives on information and so do we. The incredible number of resources the internet offers for educators, business professionals, recruiters, and everyone else alike – to imagine a day without it will be a travesty.

Also, where else will we find our daily dose of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal?

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes! We’re looking for Social Media Executives, Interns, PHP Developers and more, however, most of all we’re looking for driven individuals with an appetite for all things technology.

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