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Who are we?

Social Squared, might be just another Digital media firm for you, but our work efficiency is something you have never seen before. Founded by 2 IIM alumni who are passionate about the new media, we have grown from being enclosed in a small room in its initial years to now touching realms worldwide, thanks to Digital Media. We can say, we are a bunch of people who share the same passion and hence collectively work towards one goal that we, let us pat our shoulders, fight tooth and nail to achieve.

About the team

We have marketing experts, computer fanatics and creative designers working with us! Our team collectively brings in experience across diverse industry sectors like IT, FMCG, Retail, Education etc.

All of us here in Social Squared share a similar interest in digital media, we eat, drink and breathe the same. So, it goes beyond saying our love and passion for which is undefined.

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What’s in the name?

For brands, communication is no longer a one way street. They need to be social and have multiple channels of communication. They not just need to talk, but also listen to and respond to the audience. The name "Social squared" highlighted this 2-way communication.

And it sounds good too!

What we do?

Where do we start from? Digital Media is a vast concept made up of many interlinked elements that are too hard to be distinguished. Hence, although we outline our services into a particular format and etch a plan, we can say we do just about anything relating to the online media.

To put it in our words, we “Innovate, Develop, Engage and Analyze”. By providing website and app development services, social media, content management and design, we also branch out as an SEO expert and a design agency. What we legitimately do, is satisfy our clients with the best we can and they think we do a fair job. Just saying.

Why do we do it?

One would be foolish to give Internet a miss in the current times where it is the prime requirement- to be updated with the worldly technical advancements and trends. We, at SS, believe that Digital media if used well can do wonders.

“A brand is no longer what we tell the customers it is-it is what the customers tell each other.”

- Scott Cook

All those active on social media will state their own opinion which they are entitled to have. Hence, we are firm believers of the fact that it does not depend on if you do Social Media. It depends on how well you do it.

Social Responsibility in Social Media

“The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same.”

-          Steve Maraboli

Although we are not answerable to anybody for saying what we do, don’t we think twice before putting our thoughts into words? Similarly, what we, as Social Media pioneers do influences the mass. It, thus, falls upon our shoulders to be fair and say rightful things. We must conform to norms that need to be accepted and be independent within the boundaries of acceptance. That, however, does not mean we hold back our opinions. What is right is usually hard; even distinguishing right from wrong. And, that is what we aim at doing; being righteous.

How we evolve

Frankly, we cannot tell how we failed to notice our evolution from a small group of people, focusing on limited work to a bigger group of tight people who are constantly multitasking to get done with the heaps of work. There is always something different we are working on, some idea someone came up with.

Need of the hour

Digital Media is no more a clichéd term, so a sense of urgency in understanding the real meaning and power of which is needed.

A day without the internet

It’s a day to go home and sleep underneath the blankets because we wouldn’t be able to move an inch without the internet? Specially, peeps like us who drink, breathe and eat Social Media!

Are you hiring?

Constantly! Applicants and Interns, you are just an email away.

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