Pointers You Should Consider Before Applying For a Social Media Job

Be it any industry, it is very important for applicants to do research on their part before applying for a position. Employers will always appreciate applicants who have done their homework right. Having a basic knowledge about company or its clients speaks volumes in terms of your dedication towards the recruiter company and designated job profile. Digital industry is no different. Here is the list of things that you should consider before you apply for a job in social media :

Agency Background

So you get a lead about an opening in this Digital agency which you want to work for. Just like you, there are hundreds of applicants wanting the same job. Start by researching about the agency, what is their story, who are its co-founders, where is it located, what kind of campaigns they have run and their case studies. Also find out who are it’s departmental heads. The HR person will appreciate your homework for sure.

Client Portfolio

After doing research on the agency, find out who their clients are. It is very important to find out what kind of clients does agency mainly caters to. Some agencies are experts in B2B clients while some have expertise in financial sectors. This should not bother you much, but it is necessary to make sure that you can do justice to the work done by the agency for their clients. For eg – If an agency has an expertise in entertainment sector like movie marketing, while you are looking to work on more diverse portfolio of brands, then its better to look somewhere else.

Work Culture

A vital factor before deciding where to work for since you are going to spend most of your day in office, it is necessary to make sure that the work culture suits you.You can find out about the work culture of  agency either through social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, or you can consult your friends/connections who are already working there.


The agency might not be ready to match your expected salary figure, hence its recommended to find out, what is the salary offered for the job position in accordance to the job profile. You surely don’t want the feeling of being underpaid. You definitely can negotiate with the recruiter but don’t keep yourself in the dark about the offered salary.

Job Profile

Perhaps the most important aspect of all, be clear about the job profile offered. For an industry as diverse as digital marketing, there are many roles that one can fit in to. Find your forte and make sure you apply for it. People struggle due to poor job profiles they select which might make them believe that the industry as a whole is not suitable for them. Surely you do not want that. Stick to client servicing if you feel you are a good negotiator or a typical sales guy. If you want more of  a creative kick in your job go for digital marketing execution. Whatever it is, choose wisely.

Career Growth Opportunities

You definitely  don’t want to spend the rest of your life doing the same thing, choose a job which you think will help you grow in your professional space both within and outside the agency. You can inquire about their appraisal and promotion policies to get an insight in to it.

By now, I hope you have got an insight into what things you should keep in mind before applying for a job in social media. A well researched candidate is always praised by the recruiter. Your employer will appreciate if you have clarity of thoughts before applying for the job. Seeming confused and lost creates a bad impression.

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