7 Simple Daily Tips For Client Servicing Executives

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There might have been a time in your career when you were a fresher and were spoon fed with plans. But then you got promoted. Got some people reporting to you? And met Clients. And your world has been a 360 degree rollover since then.

Just as you were about to close on a 30 day full and final plan for a client, he calls and says “But I thought of another idea! Can’t we implement that?” and your night turns into a freaking torment.

So what is it that keeps executives like us going? What does it take to keep your client’s requirement and your own team in sync? Let’s go through 7 most exciting things that happen in a client servicing executive’s life:

Say No to Saying “No”

Saying “No” should just vanish from our dictionary. It’s true that sometimes client requests can be unfair and out of nowhere, but isn’t it better to meet them instead of ruining all the previous hard work? Sometimes when I have no clue what to do, an alternative plan suggestion works best!

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Setting the Team right

There is one rule – “If you can’t trust your team, you have the wrong one”. Your team members are probably the ones doing your work when you’re away. This is why communicating right and also taking care of them is important. At our agency, we are often found singing songs, eating chocolates and playing small games with each other!

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Learning not to speak HTML

Our clients may or may not always be from a technical background. However, their love for digging the “technical” aspects never dies, which is why we have to decontaminate the language we talk. Such a task! But speaking the clients language instead, helps in building healthy relationships with them and instilling the client’s faith and attention in your approach. So, totally worth it.

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360 Degree Brand Thinking

Going an extra mile doesn’t bite! It just takes a little more effort. As account handlers, we get to understand the brand elements, its products, market and audience. Henceforth, it is our job to think of the brand as a whole while planning ahead. Our agency believes in looking and asking for as much information about the brand including things like personality of the brand and its history. Such information often helps us in integrating online and offline world of the brand.

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Be a Human

There exists something other than DIGITAL, and that’s our human touch. Encouraging your team to make personalized replies and give attention to customer queries are few things that bring trust and strength in relationship with clients. And as the age old saying suggests, “You do business with the people you trust”

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Are you a Researcher? No? Be one!

There are 400 tools available online for making reports and analytics. But how do we decide which one to use for which client? With rapid development happening everyday in the Social Media world, we need to make ourselves extra prompt on newer technologies, campaigns, platforms and tools. This practice makes us become proactive on potential issues.

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Creativity is the Key

A million dollar worth idea doesn’t count if not represented aesthetically. And vice versa. Hence, being in touch with our creative side is not just a part of the day, but probably something we should be getting used to. If you have the ability to express things beautifully, half your job is already done!

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Client Servicing is no rocket science, neither does it involve any sort of training. Just do your job with love and a little bit of common sense! Only awesome people can do it.