Twitter Introduces Video Promotion for Advertisers

Twitter Introduces Video Promotion for Advertisers

Twitter today unvield a Twitter video card that streamlines video playbacks and bring’s one tap viewing experience on the users timeline. After months of testing, Twitter announced in their blog post, the launch of the beta version of promoted videos.

This move of Twitter is aimed to attract more brands who are looking to promote their videos to the Twitterati. This move of Twitter has come at such a time when Twitter is trying to shows investors and advertisers that even while their user base is growing at a slow rate, its content has the capability to reach a decent set of audience.

This feature is built upon the  Twitter Amplify program and allows to promote high quality pictures. This amplify program previously focused on big media companies like ESPN, Turner Sports, Mcdonalds,etc. This feature seems like Twitters attempt to broaden its group of advertisers by removing the requirement of having to sign a big deal with the network.

In the announcement, apart from the detailed description of the feature, Twitter said that along with the launch they will offer advertisers the the ability to run ads with Cost Per View(CPV) model. In simpler words, an advertiser will only have to pay if the user starts playing a video.  The members who sign up for this feature will also recieve access to video analytics that include completion percentage and a breakout of organic vs paid video views.

Twitter Introduces Video Promotion for Advertisers


What are your thoughts on this? Is this Twitters way of coming out as a platform of advertising that brands should take seriously?

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