Twitter’s Latest Acquisition: Mitro – A Password Security Startup

Twitter is in news again – this time due its latest acquisition and it looks like they are on an ‘acquisition spree‘. The latest acquisition to its portfolio is Mitro Labs, a small startup that is based in Lower Manhattan and focuses on security of passwords.

Mitro announced this acquisition on Thursday on their blog post. Mitro informs that they will join Twitter’s New York office and will be working on various geo-related projects. The founders of Mitro are former Google Inc engineers. Although, the financial terms of the deal has not been disclosed.

Mitro’s password managers work through browsers and help people share their accounts. The only difference now is that Mitro will be an open source. It will continue working as an independent product. Mitro labs have released all of their server and client code under the GPL license Githhub. They will be receiving assistance from Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to help its transition into a community-run project. 

By this acquisition, Twitter can help small-scale business to target its consumers better. In 2009, Twitter acquired Mixer Labs which enabled people to add locations in their messages.

In May 2013, Twitter had added two-factor authentication which is similar to the models employed by Google and Facebook. Thus, on password security front, one can say Twitter has stepped up for itself.