10 Reasons Why Your Facebook Marketing Sucks

Your Facebook Marketing Sucks

So, finally your brand has a Facebook page now. What inspired you to have one was not only the ever increasing reach and effectiveness of social media, but also pressure from competitors.

However,despite having a Facebook page and a Facebook marketing plan, your brand is still going nowhere. You are just not able to convert enough sales or get good engagement. Do not worry though, for you are not alone in the park. There are many brands out there facing the same situation.

Now let’s break it down for you, over what is wrong with your Facebook marketing plan:

No Strategy

What are you trying to achieve your goal out of Facebook? You first need to have a clear vision towards your goal. And no, holding a contest every week is not strategy. Having no concrete social media strategy will do more harm to your brand than having no social media presence at all.

Missing Content Strategy

Content is the King– be it any media or medium, it is imperative for brands to chalk out a constructive content strategy. Pre- decide what kind of content you want to post on Facebook that is in alignment with your positioning and is attuned towards helping you achieve your objectives. Also, the quantity and timings of the posts matter too.

Boring Content

So let’s assume, you have a content strategy in place which you follow to the T but still do not manage to get enough response from the people online! Most likely, it is because you are boring the audience. Create content that is interesting and which your audience can relate to and share with their friends. Make sure that your copy is in sync with the target audience of your brand. If your TG is youth, try using tone which is relatable to them. Having a personality will work wonders for your brand.

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No Engagement

You do not engage with your consumers/customers on your Facebook page. Social Media is a two way communication and as a brand, you should initiate conversations with your audience, which will lead in to a strong relationship between brand and audience. Lack of engagement on Facebook will make your page look like dull and boring.

No response to consumer queries/complaints

Almost every brand on Facebook has to face consumer rants. period. The ideal step in such situation would be to respond promptly and with warmth. Lack of commitment in addressing consumer will result into rise of negative sentiments towards your brand

Lack of Images and Videos

Using creative images and videos are quintessential of a Facebook marketing strategy. It is very clear that Facebook’s algorithm gives preference to the content high on text and images or videos. So might want to start using images and videos from now on. It is probably the most basic things to begin with.

No Value for Consumer

Does your brand page gives value to your fans? People like pages for a reason- they want to be engaged with that page and with brands they expect the same. Value can be in the form of giveaways. But you need to think more and come up with ways where people find value in associating with your brand. Think Apple. They never give any freebies, but they have a crazy following. Now try to replicate the same on your Facebook page!

Undefined Target Audience

Facebook will leave you with plethora of consumers to engage with, and it  has more than 1.2 billion of them. It is imperative for every brand to select their target audience and chalk out strategy which is suitable for them. Trying to target too many people will not be constructive.

In Your Face Selling

You try too hard to sell your products/services via your Facebook page. The ultimate objective of any marketing strategy is to sell the brand and its positioning; it should try to avoid selling of products as much as possible. Use Facebook to highlight reasons one must choose your brand, over other brands, rather than indulging in overt selling.

Non Creative Cover Picture and Display

Facebook cover page and display picture is the first thing your audience will notice about page, so as less important as it sounds, in fact turns out to be the vital aspect of brand’s Facebook page. So make sure you get both this things straight before movie forward

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