Cairn India Hikes Its Social Presence Inspite of Being An Oil & Gas Company

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Brand Name

Cairn India


Cairn India is one of the fastest growing energy companies in the world, as per plats 2012, 2013 & BW 2014. It is an independent oil and gas exploration and production companies in India with a market capitalization of around 10 Billion ~US$.

It operates close to ~30 per cent of India’s domestic crude oil production. Cairn India has been operating close to two decades, playing an active role in developing India’s Oil & Gas resources. By far, Cairn India has opened 4 frontier basins with over 40 discoveries, 31 in Rajasthan alone including India’s biggest on land discovery in Rajasthan. Cairn India has a portfolio of 9 blocks – one block in Rajasthan, which contains multiple assets, two on the west coast and four on the east coast of India and one each in Sri Lanka and South Africa.


  • Objective 1)

Oil & Gas as an industry does not have a mass following, reason being, many find it complicated, not-so-interesting and way too technical. As a result, the percentage of masses following the industry is comparatively less.

But then the bigger question was how do we take the bucket full of information to the masses and make it interesting enough so that it can be consumed by everyone.

  • Objective 2)

Establish a pull from the audience and sustain a strong engagement rate across Cairn India’s social media platforms.


Phase 1)

After a brilliant industrial photo shoot of its operating locations, it initiated a #DidYouKnow series across Facebook & Twitter. An idea to showcase Cairn India’s story with interesting visuals.  The series talked about Cairn India’s achievements, internal work place, it’s operations. This series as a result visually attracted people and mentioned the key milestones, achievements, practices and technology of the company. It also talks about interesting facts about the geographical locations where it operates.



Phase 2)

Cairn India had been leading numerous CSR initiatives across India, thus, it was important for the company to communicate its initiatives to the masses. Cairn India showcased its initiatives across social platforms with visuals, which helped in grabbing eye balls. As a result, it started a dedicated visual series on CSR to bring forward company led initiatives and campaigns across communities and geographies.



Phase 3)

One important aspect for every organization is to attract new talent from across the world. In order to attract prospective talent, Cairn India started a dedicated series showcasing the measures it has taken towards employee welfare, the activities done across the organization for its employees. The series was started with hash tag #EmployeeWelfare.



While all other online initiatives continue, Cairn India maintains sharing of business updates with the masses.

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So far the #DidYouKnow series has been able to attain more than 1, 45, 000 reach on Facebook & Twitter in a span of 60 days, since the time it started.

This gave Cairn India the opportunity to engage with noticeably a large number of audiences across platforms. A number of people started to express their interest towards working or getting associated with Cairn India.

This resulted in a massive traction across social media platforms. NGOs, communities, prospective stakeholders started to approach Cairn India. By far the series has received an impressive 3, 00, 000 + reach across Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. It has also helped in educating and spreading awareness about various Cairn India led initiatives.

The Success Statistics:

  • Cairn India joined Facebook in April 2014 – by far more than 10, 000 followers have come on board.
  • Cairn India’s LinkedIn has crossed 17000 followers and Twitter 13000.
  • The numbers may not be that significant as compared to other players in the domain, but it is the pace with which Cairn India’s online presence has grown that speaks for itself.