[Infographic] Double Your Facebook Likes in Just 5 Minutes Per Day

The popularity of social media over the last five years has forced new entrepreneurs, mid-sized and large firms to focus attention towards promoting their brands on social platforms, thereby reaching out to their audience. Today, it is a common phenomenon to see how brands give their brand’s online presence just as much importance as they give to their retail outlets. One such strong social media platform is Facebook. However, most still do not get it right.

It is a known fact that there are around a billion active Facebook users around the world and the number is continually growing. Facebook is one such platform wherein a post could go viral within seconds. Facebook is a powerful medium to connect with your audiences and because it gives the liberty to add a visual appeal to the content, it attracts not only daily visitors to the page but also engagement.

The other advantage is that a user can also promote the brand by suggesting it to his / her friends and family, if the user is brand loyal or the user can associate himself with the brand. Adding applications, running contests, running surveys, having one-to-one interaction with fans etc is possible, hence increasing the likelihood of repeat visitors.

With millions of other brands being present on Facebook, it certainly gets tough out there to be able to break through and make an impression among fans. So here’s a quick Infographic you can check to understand ‘How to double your Facebook Likes in just 5-mins per day’!

Facebook account1