Editor's Note: September 2014

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The last editor’s note sparked off some interesting conversations. What was even more interesting, these conversations revolved around one aspect – Talent!

We all wracked our brains around it. We wanted to understand, what is that we as an industry together should do about this common problem? Every stakeholder is at a different level of understanding and experience. What can thus be a common point of consideration for all of us? Hence, it took us a while to write this one!

The answer lay right before our eyes all this while, yet we failed to notice it.  The answer is “Growth”.

No matter at what stage we are in our digital careers, the only thing constant and consistent is, and has to be, is growth.

And what does Growth really mean?

For a brand, it might mean growth in community sizes. On the other hand, for a brand head it would perhaps mean getting to know about the latest technology they could lay hands on. An agency owner might grow as a business leader and lead its team towards success.  For a social media professional, does growth mean moving from a current company or package to another?

In any case, talent needs to grow.

It needs to grow in terms of quality and quantity. Seniors in the industry need to invest in growth of their teams, and executives and managers need to look out for digital mentors. Growth in terms of knowledge, experience and expertise is the only thing that will draw this industry forward.

Possible Solution?

Would it make sense for all of us, if Social Samosa made a panel of mentors from the industry, easily accessible for professionals to take guidance from? Will it give agency and brand heads an opportunity to express their expectations from professionals and executives? Will it allow mentees to share what they seek from an organization? Will it help them get on a better trajectory of professional evolution?

Action points for you:

Write to us in the form below; What is the one thing that would help all stakeholders to grow? Would easy access to a panel of mentors help you grow? Would you like to list yourself as a mentor?

While we battle the issue of growth for all via support from each, we can also invest ourselves in self-growth.  In the days to come, we will be publishing some interesting pieces that might serve as good food for thought.

What do we have in store?

In line with the recent incidents, our blogpost and interview on Social Media and Cyber Security talks about the importance of privacy within the digital backdrop. You can also look forward to an in depth post on Social Commerce and Social Media Validation Theory.

We promised you a Podcast this month and we keep our promises! Mark Henley, Director of Transformation & Digital Strategy from Adobe has given us interesting insights which you can soon get hold of.

You can also look up these recent pieces that we did, Good Content v/s High Spends, What Social Media Managers can learn from Whose Line is It Anyway and How to Derive insights thrown in by an analytical tool.

We will write to you again next month, till then happy reading!

Signing Off!

-          Ankita Gaba, Co-founder, Social Samosa

-          Apeksha Harihar, Editor, Social Samosa

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