How FabFurnish Increased its Revenue by 10X Using Facebook Custom Audiences

Brand name

Agency Name

Alix Retail Pvt. Ltd.

Introduction is India’s largest furniture, furnishings, kitchenware and home decor retailer. It sells stylish, modern and affordable products via its ecommerce website and through its retail stores.


Driving online sales: wanted to boost traffic to its website and grow sales by at least 20% month-on-month using Facebook Ads.


5 ran photo ads that showcased its most visually appealing products, while link ads in both the desktop News Feed and the right column drove traffic directly to the company’s website.

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To guarantee effective creative ad content, produced top-quality images in-house for the photo ads and crafted compelling copy with strong calls to action.


To reach the right people, targeted people living in India’s biggest cities, and high-spenders who had expressed an interest in furniture on Facebook. It used lookalike audiences to target people with a similar Facebook profile to customers in its database. It also segmented the customers in its database and then targeted those using Custom Audiences.


For its remarketing strategy, used a Custom Audience to target people who had visited its website but didn’t buy anything.

Products used

News Feed Placements

Custom Audiences

Lookalike Audiences


Over a one-year period between May 2013 and April 2014, Facebook helped significantly grow its sales revenue and drive people to its website, becoming the brand’s biggest revenue-generator.


Compared to the previous year, the campaign delivered:

  • 10X increase in revenue
  • 5X increase in website traffic
  • 12X increase in orders
  • 2X increase in its return on ad spend