Facebook To Use Its Data To Sell Ads on Sites That Are Non-Facebook Properties

For Facebook to start with an ad network, its investors and analysts have spent years putting across vehement demands, which has obliged them earlier this year. Facebook will now be rolling out another one.

Caevat, which is not formally an ad network will be looked at as one, because it lets advertisers purchase ads through Facebook on those properties that Facebook doesn’t own.

Following are details of the broader idea:

  • Facebook to reintroduce the under-used platform: Atlas, that was bought from Microsoft last year.


  • Atlas would foster tracking of success of their ads around the Web along with allowing them to purchase ads on those apps & websites that are non-Facebook, using the Facebook targeting data.


  • Facebook further adds, that these ads are not Facebook ads, but are ads that marketers will buy via Atlas using Facebook’s data.


  • Facebook for now partners with Google & Twitter other than Omnicom that already has deals with Facebook & a few other big digital players who say they will buy ads with Atlas. Facebook’s Instagram will also work with the platform. Facebook is in talks with Twitter about joining up.


  • Facebook users mustn’t worry about Facebook using their personal data as it says the identity will be kept anonymous to all advertisers & publishers, who will know just some basic facts about them.


We’ll need to see reactions of publishers & advertisers in the coming weeks of what they have to say about this update.