10 Hilarious Tweets by Bollywood Celebs That Have Grammatical Errors & Typos

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10 Hilarious Tweets by Bollywood Celebs That Have Grammatical Errors & Typos

There are thousands of Celebs on Twitter today, with a huge fan following, who love connecting with their fans & updating them with their day-to-day events & activities!

With ‘Twitter’ being a simple platform for most of our Bollywood Celebs to connect as quickly as 140 characters, it leads most of our Celebs to make some silly grammatical errors & typos in their tweets.

Like really, how hard is it to re-check if those 140 characters follow correct grammar & avoid spelling errors.

Have a look at our list of Top 10 Bollywood Celebs, who need grammar lessons!

1 – KRK

Undoubtedly, this super talented being had to top this list.


2 – Priyanka Chopra

Sometimes, you just need to be a ‘lil’ more careful before you happen to create an explosion on Twitter.


3 – Deepika Padukone

Well, one thing that’s pending on your to-do list is ‘Grammar Lessons’!


4 – Karan Johar

OK. Not too bad. We can forgive you this time for that typo ‘now’.


5 – Salman Khan

Aakhir tum kehna kya chaahte ho??


6 – Mika Singh

We thank God you’re not a grammar teacher.


7 – YOYO Honey Singh

Be careful about the periods and commas yo!

yo yo

8 – Reteish Deshmukh

We see you proving your point here!


9 – Sunny Leone

If you say so, then you sure need some serious grammar lessons!

sunny leone

10 – Poonam Pandey

We love saving the best for the last!


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