Hrithik Challenges Bollywood To Take Up The #BangBangDare

Forget launch parties and premieres, actors seem to have adopted a novel way of promoting their upcoming blockbusters via social networking sites.

The newest trend in the celluloid industry is using personal social media accounts to generate hype and audience engagement before a movie releases. Take for example Actor Hrithik Roshan, who cleverly challenged a host of his fellow actors on Twitter to do the #bangbangdare in promotion for his upcoming film.

What is the #bangbangdare, you ask? Here are some of Hrithik’s tweets :

His challenge to his ZNMD co-star Farhan Akhtar and his response –

  To Priyanka Chopra –

  To which the sassy lady responded:


King Khan responded with-

To Dabboo Ratnani

  Who responded,

  He challenged several others, including his fans

  And finally, he challenged Ranveer to dance on a Mumbai street

Here’s Ranveer accepting the challenge-

Ranveer’s act caught the attention of many Tweeple, with several tweets in praise of Actor Ranveer Singh’s bold response to the dare. Apparently, Shahid Kapoor was so impressed after seeing the video, he’s asked Hrithik for a dare too!

Kudos to Hrithik for coming up with a creative and fun way to connect with fans and promote Bang Bang as well!