Promoted Tweets are one of Twitter’s Advertising options to target to your audience, wherever they are on Twitter by paying for it. One of the biggest challenges that marketers & advertisers on Twitter face, after convincing the client to spend on a promoted tweet, is to gain maximum engagement out of it!  So what really drives that engagement? Writing a few characters in a tweet is not enough to make it engaging. What are the features that actually make a promoted tweet interesting enough for tweeple to engage with?

To help brands optimize their engagement, here are the best practices that could help promoted tweets pay off in a better way:

  • Keep your content ‘Short & Crisp’ to be engaging enough.
  • Share ‘Photos’ to higher your average engagement rate.
  • Use a ‘Haghtag’ in your promoted tweet for others to use it too.
  • Use ‘Clickable Content’ carefully.
  • Include @Mention in your promoted tweet.
  • Include an exclamation point!

Quickly check out this insightful Infographic the ‘Best Practices for Promoted Tweets’!

promoted tweet best practices

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