Instagram’s Hyperlapse Let’s You Take High-Speed Selfies

Instagram launched an amazing app called Hyperlapse some days ago which lets you shoot high speed time-lapse videos. Currently Hyperlapse is available only for iPhones. Hyperlapse could be used with the rear-facing camera until now wherein you could capture fast moving objects to create time-lapse videos.
However, with Instagram’s latest update for Hyperlapse, you can click selfies using the front facing camera to get your own #Selfielapse.

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With this feature you could capture yourself in a moving background like say a roller coaster or to capture yourself on a road trip as the surroundings whirl by.

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You can capture the entire process of a make-over with a #selfielapse, where in you can show your friends the before & after of your new haircut.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie , a time lapse selfie of your best bungee jumps might be interesting.

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Selfie images were popular last year, but high speed selfie videos? Now that’s something fresh and fancy!



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Earlier you could share videos on Instagram and Facebook. However Android users have to wait till this feature is rolled out on the PlayStore.