Kokuyo Camlin's Platform To Engage Students Artistic Capabilities Received 1K+ Entries

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Kokuyo Camlin's Platform To Engage Students Artistic Capabilities Received 1K+ Entries

Brand name

Kokuyo Camlin

Agency Name

BC Web Wise


Kokuyo Camlin is India’s art brand and has been a part of every child’s school life with it’s range of art and stationery products.


To promote and get users to try the extensive range of Kokuyo Camlin’s art products online


To increase loyalists, it is crucial for every brand to connect with their consumers and excite them about the product range. With this app, Camlin has come up with an innovative platform to engage with the artists and students among its vast consumer base.


The Experience Camlin contest invited budding artists, students and art enthusiasts to enjoy using Camlin products on a virtual canvas to create works of art. The Experience Camlin app beautifully recreated the experience of using water colours, crayons, colour pencils, even allowing users to mix colours to create the perfect shade and density of colour. Each entrant into the contest was then subjected to a public vote to decide the winners of the contest.

Thousands of users from across the country showed off their artistic skill using this app, thus creating a huge repository of art work created online and proving that ours really is a country of budding Picassos!


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Promoting the Campaign

The campaign was promoted on Facebook via stamp ads and post promotions, along with targeted banners and mailers.


In just 45 days, the Experience Camlin Contest received around 1000 entries! The top voted entry has received around 150 votes with the second highest voted entry receiving 145 votes!


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