How Can Students Use Social Media To Market Themselves?

Rahim Musani
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Students Use Social Media Marketing

When you grow up in a world as big as ours, it is easy to feel small. And if you want to be heard, you have to speak louder than everyone else. Because the truth is, everyone has a voice. And there comes a time when you need to shout out loud for what you want.

If you are a school or college student, you know that our population is divided into five groups- Jocks, Prom Queens, Loners, Geeks and Friendly. Once tagged, it becomes really difficult to change your image. But on the internet, you can be whoever you want. Social Media provides you with a platform where you can step up and let the world know, ’Listen up, This Is Who I Am.’

This article will look at how students can market themselves on Social Media.

1. Facebook

Today, Facebook is the preferred platform for a majority of Indian students. While it is a great platform to find and connect with classmates and old friends, it can also be a great branding vehicle for them.

Make sure that any public content that you share is value add to your personal brand and also use cover photos that look professional. You can even follow influencers on Facebook and read their insightful updates.

2. Twitter

You can create a profile on Twitter. You can tweet regularly about what you are up to and what you are working on. You can reply to your followers. Follow people who do the same thing as you and your idols. Post pictures and videos. Here is an example of how you can use your Twitter profile to your advantage:

Rahim Musani (MusaniRahim) on Twitter3. Instagram

With the latest addition of videos, Instagram just got better for people who want to showcase their work online. If you’re an artist, post pictures of your work. If you are an athlete, show people how hard you work. You can also share links of your pictures on Facebook and Twitter to get a wider exposure.

4. Youtube

Create a Youtube channel and post videos of you singing, dancing, cooking, painting, or whatever it is that you do. Use tags to enhance the search optimization and watch the views increase. Also, share the links to your videos on your social media channels as well.

The aim here is to actually make people see how you go about your work. You can even add your Facebook link and Twitter handle in the videos as annotations or in the description.

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