#MakeinIndia, A Government Led Initiative Touches 1 Billion Social Media Impressions

#MakeInIndia trended worldwide at no. 2 for one hour. There have been more than 99K mentions since the onset of the campaign with over 1.08 Billion potential impressions and around 94 million potential campaign reach. Over 10 thousand tweets have been made in the duration between 10 AM-1 PM on 25th September 2014 with other 31 thousand people participating in the discussion online. An interesting thing is that the social media conversations have been tracked from 103 countries with India contributing 71.09% of the buzz followed by US at 3.47%.


An interesting thing to note is that there was 21.72% favorability among those who talked about the launch of the campaign. The campaign is called a great initiative with 24.34% of those who talked about the campaign talked about positively.

There were only 2.62% negative conversations. Most of the negative conversations were due to criticisms of the past government. For example, “@India_Policy Govt still to realize this IT revolution, Make in India will look like joke without 24X7 power supply.”

“It’s shameful that a single lady has ruined our one generation also she ruined a PM designate of India. #MakeInIndia”. The neutral conversations were due to news and people sharing about the event.

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The most trending topics were drawn around PM Narendra Modi’s speech of FDI being ‘First Develop India’.

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The highest engagement was seen around the age group of 20-30 contributing 46% of the buzz.

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Vijay Mallya, Kiran Bedi, Harsha Bogle and Anand Mahindra were among the top influencers on social media who drove the conversations.

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Here is an interesting citywise buzz trend analysis of the campaign. People from Delhi and Kolkata were more interested in manufacturing.

Chennai and Bangalore focused on new initiatives on making business and investment easy.
People from Mumbai were more interested in Mukesh Ambani and his promise of creating more jobs.
Whereas FDI- “First Develop India” was common interest of all the metros.

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Vang Lian, Head of Research, Simplify360, the social business intelligence company said “It is interesting to see a very successful campaign by Government of India and using Social media as one of the most important pillar for the launch. This is an important signal to investors. The campaign is a global success by trending worldwide. It also saw tweets from 103 countries.”

“Listen in, and Reach out, is the mantra,” said Jay Vikram Bakshi, founder, Digiqom, commenting on this innovative use of social media. “This is a first by a government anywhere in the world, where social media has been used not just for digital amplification of the message, but also to gauge opinion and seek feedback and participation.”

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