Maruti Swift Offers a Full Blown Football Experience Through a Facebook Application


Brand Name

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Agency Name



Maruti Suzuki Swift wanted to leverage on conversations around the Football World Cup. We identified this as a passion point and created a property that gave our users a full blown football experience with Swift. They can select a car, drift along a field and hit goals with their car. The more fluant-worthy the hit, the better the points.

maruti swift striker

The property also features a wall that lets users shout out loud, their love for the game. They could tweet/ post using #LoveFootball and feature on the wall.

This engagement gave our users a power packed experience and also a chance to win a special Football Finals screening.

This is the application.


Swift, for its advertising communication, plays on passion points of its users. Football, being the most talked about hit of the season gives the brand all the right reasons to associate with it and establish a property.


The entire activity uses a mix of two platforms: Facebook and Twitter. Facebook, using an application that features the game and lets users share their scores on their profiles. Twitter, using #LoveFootball to boost conversations and let our users/followers spread the cheer.


Here are a few stats showing the results of the activity:

Total game plays- 2120

Unique visitors on App- 5353


Fans added: More than 50K

Reach: 25068003 users reached


@ mentions: 4146

Increase in followers: 264