Social Media Agency Feature: Aeon – A Digital Agency

Who are we?

Aeon is a digital agency offering consulting, marketing & development solutions for last 7 years to over 100 clients in India, US and Singapore.

We started as a technology company providing development support to top agencies in India and slowly evolved as their innovation partners playing an instrumental role in making their ideas a reality.

Throw us a challenge and see it getting done! Having seen the medium evolve in last 7 years, we have now started playing a consultant role to many agencies and clients alike.

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What’s in the name?

AEON means ‘for eternity’ or ‘infinite’. We believe the digital world provides limitless opportunities … in how we think & act in our everyday life, personal & professional. And we exhibit that belief in the way go about our daily life.

What we do?

We are in business of creating delightful experiences and influencing perceptions through:

Digital Consulting, Online Videos, Mobile apps, Web development, Ecommerce solutions and acting as Startup Catalysts.

Why we do it?

We believe that each one of us has the power to make a difference. To make a difference you need to have a personal touch. That’s the power of digital. We started as a technology company and over 7 years have added services to enable just that.

How we evolve?

Since we act as digital consultants to many of our clients we need to be constantly at top of our game. Apart from attending digital conferences & webinars a lot of ground work (research and reading) undergoes in understanding the trends both from primary and secondary resources.

However the biggest contributor of evolution is ourselves. The constant challenges that our tech and creative teams throw at each other helps us evolve beyond the realms of ‘accepted norms’ and ‘standard practices’.

Social responsibility in social media

Keep it simple. Wear your client’s hat. What will he / she would have done? Double check always before you hit that button. Better to be safe than sorry.

Need of the hour

Increasingly we are hearing cases of clients calling for pitches and eventually ideas getting executed by their existing agencies. With social media business getting competitive margins are getting squeezed and integrity is getting eroded. More than laws mindset needs to change.

We learned the hard way

Let’s adjust in next project. Never happens!

They work with us

Radio City 91.1 FM, Essel Utilities, Vodafone, HDFC Bank, Reliance Communications, ICICI Prudential, HR Johnson, IL&FS, Ogilvy, Creative Land Asia, Kombli Networks, LBi, Maxus, Social Wavelength, Webchutney, Hungama Digital and the list goes on.

A day without Internet

Not that difficult honestly. It’s good to disconnect and refresh. Try it!

Lastly, are you hiring?

True to our philosophy we always have opportunities. We are looking out for UI & UX designers, HTML coders & Business development roles.