[Report] Internet Trends in India for 2014

digital india 2014

LIQVD Asia conducted a research and has come up with a report on the Internet trends in India in the year 2014.

It talks about the distribution of internet users in urban and rural geographies along with YOY growth among rural users and age groups, and also about the activities undertaken on this platform. Furthermore, it talks about the digital ad revenue of this media, its tremendous growth rate and dominance of the service sector in this media along with expenditure on advertisements.

Besides, it performs a good post-mortem on the increasing interest of users on various social media platforms. It goes on to analyze mobile and tablet internet users, its demographics and major purposes. One of the major highlights is that marketers expect multi-screen campaigns to be of crucial importance in 2014.

With the internet rapidly revolutionizing and becoming an integral part of the Indian society at large, as the data suggests, it is the third largest in the world. Aren’t these trends in the coming days of great interest, curiosity and an opportunity to explore? To mine out the crucial findings of the study, shall we put on some extra effort by reading this research?