Social Media Agency Feature: Centerac - A Digital Technology Provider

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Sep 29, 2014 04:53 IST
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Social Media Agency Feature: Centerac - A Digital Technology Provider

Who are we?

We are a full service technology provider of all things digital. Our work ranges from developing cutting edge tech for e-auctions to executing social media campaigns. We cover all aspects of digital marketing and add a touch of ‘Centerac Value’ to it.

At Centerac, we believe that technology is means to an end. Our purpose is to help our customers achieve business edge by leveraging technology. We have a holistic offering addressing the full IT spectrum or internet technologies, wireless networking and mobility. We are essentially good at combining all these to give a 360 degree experience to our clients.

What’s in the name?

Have you ever heard one of those songs that get stuck in your head and you can’t get rid of it? Well, ‘Centerac’ has nothing to do with that. Our company name was born out of a conversation between our CEO and a French gentleman when they were discussing plans to carve their niche in the tech market – to be the ‘center’ of the tech market. The idea blossomed into reality as did the name Centerac!

What we do?

Our objective is simple & straight forward – we want to help our client attain 360 degree digital proficiency like no other. In this pursuit, we leave no stone unturned and when we get the stone rolling, we make sure it gathers no moss.

With our work, we not only give them a virtual identity, but we also take that identity to a new level by always innovating & delivering products to rave about.

Why we do it?

We do it because we can and we have. In this age of the World Wide Web, every dream is a truth and every truth is a lucrative idea. We embellish on the ideas and make them a reality for our clients & for ourselves.

How we evolve?

Every step is learning & every learning is knowledge – evolution is how we change this knowledge into wisdom for our clients.

Our extensive experiences with clients from all backgrounds have taught us that in order to evolve; we need to keep up with changing times. That’s exactly what we do, we are constantly learning through every project, turning them into knowledge and using that knowledge to make our clients money.

Social Responsibility in Social Media

The Social Media space has grown magnanimously. It is no longer just the breeding ground for personal love or hate. It has evolved to be a mature platform, through which social changes are being brought about. Right now, Social Media is at the forefront of every campaign & the primary focus of every brand – private or public sector alike.

However, there are still those who would want to disturb your peace, hack your account, proliferate your data to the public and create a mess. It is our responsibility to make sure our clients are protected day and night, they are ethically represented across all platforms and making sure that the reputation stays intact.

Need of the hour

Stringent laws against social media offenders. Due to the freedom available on all social media platforms, offenders around the world find it very easy to attack anyone using language that would put even John Mcenroe to shame. These miscreants abuse the freedom allowed on the web and social media and use it as a weapon to attack people.

There should be strict laws against such practices on the web.

They work with us

The list is extensive and pans both the national and international markets. Our clientele include Rio Tinto, Forever Mark, McDonald’s, Tara Jewellers, Taj Hotels, Hyatt, Hiranandani Hospitals, The Leela, Bombay Dyeing, Shopper’s Stop and more.

We learned the hard way

We haven’t learned. We are learning and we learn something new every day.

Industry as we foresee

The Internet has infinite possibilities. We have technologies now that we would not have thought of a decade ago. Not only is it giving rise to technology, it is also supporting the dreams of budding entrepreneurs with world changing ideas. We, as a company, see growth and potential and the ability to go beyond the stars someday.

A day without the Internet

It sets us at least a century back. We suddenly turn into whiny teenagers, incessantly obsessed with our phones and start telling the whole world what calamity has befallen us.

We are also thinking of putting up a board outside that says “In case of fire, run before you tweet”.

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