5 Best Social Media Campaigns of August 2014

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Ceat MTV ‘Chase the Monsoon 2′ Uses Social Currency As The Main Format of the Show

Chasing the Monsoon is loosely based on a novel that I read quite recently by Alexander Fraxter and conceptually it presents several opportunities to present India in a completely new light when the monsoon season commences across the country.

Coinciding with the onset of the monsoons CEAT and MTV repeated the ‘Chase the Monsoon’ Supershow – which was a success last year. A social reality show in its second year, Season 2 featured a 24 day biking road trip with 4 teams, each consisting of two members with limited budgets to explore India during the monsoons.


Cadbury Celebrations Personalizes User Experience through #MeethiMemories Illustrations

Cadbury Celebrations has been one of the few brands in India who has invested in the digital medium wholeheartedly and in turn reaped results in form of long lasting branding. The brand attitude has always been a very co-existing one, considering they weave a beautiful blend of human interactions with brand interactions on social media platforms.

After their Songs for Sisters campaign last year around the same festive occasion of RakshaBandhan, Cadbury Celebrations has come up with a new property, #MeethiMemories which helps the brand further strengthen their relevance with Indian festivals.


Pepsi’s #BackToSchool Recreates Childhood Memories with a Youtube Video

As Indians, we might be short of money, short of happiness and may be even honesty, but one thing we are not short of is emotion. Being a true blooded Indian entails us to rate a bit higher on the sentimental side. We get drawn into anything easily if it tugs on our heart strings. The brands of today know this very well and use it to their full advantage.

In the recent past, we’ve had Fortune’s Dadi Ki Do Chamach Daal campaign, Google’s India Pakistan reunion campaign, ICICI’s Bande Acche Hain campaign and many many more. They all do one thing. They make you nostalgic. They take you back to your own memories of times with your friends, families and loved ones. All of them give you that warm fuzzy feeling within your heart. And all of them are sensational hits.

This friendships day, Pepsi Co. brings to you its #BackToSchool campaign. A campaign which takes you back to those golden times, when the biggest concern of the day was whether you would be able to watch Swat Kats and the happiest times were when you were punished outside class with your friends. School days have a special corner in all of our hearts.


Berger Paints #DuniyaDekhegi Microsite campaign

Berger Paints recently launched its new advertising campaign for its luxury interior brand ‘Berger SILK’. Featuring actress Katrina Kaif, the new Berger SILK campaign tagline is “Duniya Dekhegi Jab SILK Se Saje Zindagi”. The brand has launched a digital campaign to popularise this range and interact with its audience onTwitter and Facebook.

SILK, with its range of products such as SILK Emulsion (Luxury Emulsion), SILK Illusions (Textures) and SILK Designzz (Stencils), has always been positioned as an exclusive, luxurious and aspirational lifestyle product. The new campaign takes the idea of “Experience SILK on all your walls” to a new level with “Experience the RICHNESS of SILK” that makes your walls the cynosure of all eyes a.k.a “Duniya Dekhegi Jab SILK Se Saje Zindagi”.


Peter England ‘Scores’ with #TweetAGoal: First Ever Twitter Football Match

The Football World Cup set the tone for the Football fever to kick in and a host nation like Brazil, was taking the fever a few notches up! Twitter was populated with #VanGaal, #NedVsGer, #BraVsCol, #ArgVsNed, #Neymar, #TheflyingDutchman and at a time with big names flourishing Twitter Trends and Tweet streams, ‘Brand-oriented’ Social Media had a plan of it’s own.

Peter England being no exception in joining the festivities, invented a version of Football of their own, with a “Twitter Twist”. A micro-site with a Peter England stadium, an integrated tweet stream and a bunch of Twitter-hungry footballers was all it took to get going. #TweetaGoal was all ready for kick-off.