Social Media Agency Feature: Red Realm – A Digital Agency

Who are we?

We are social gangsters who aim to snatch online attention of young digital crowd. We started the gang 2 years back and now having so much fun and have more than 50 brands with us.

Dear Start ups and Small Businesses,

Transforming a name into a brand does not happen overnight by simply writing new marketing strategies, it takes effort to identify a vision, and we at Red Realm create a vision for you that not only builds the brand’s reputation but sustains it too.


Red Realm

Dear  Brands,

We know the uphill battle you have won to bring your name to this altitude and we understand your legacy. We will take the brand forward in high spirits and achieve bigger milestones.


Red Realm

What’s in the name?

Red is commonly associated with Power, Fame and Energy and Realm represents Kingdom. We consist of a young Indian blood which will take your identity to the next level.

What we do?

  • Branding- Brand Identity, Brochure, Posters, Catalogs etc.
  • Facebook Engagement– We don’t just believe in posting and increasing likes but engaging and running monthly/weekly contests.
  • Twitter trends- Do not underestimate the power of a tweet.
  • Instagram- #Filter #Realtime pics #heart #followers
  • Online Consultation- Happy to help
  • Web designing

Why we do it?

We do it because we are awestruck with the new wave of digital media.

We are in love with brands, out of the box ideas, fancy concepts, passion to make a mark in the world. We build brands online and create the buzz. Digital world is the next big thing and very cost effective as well.

How we evolve?

We hire certified online professionals. We put each other to the test , each idea is challenged and analyzed in high spirits. Team breaks out for brainstorming session frequently to bring out the best of ideas for our brands.

Social responsibility in social media

Our team believes in complete ethical practices. We take responsibly for each and every post, all data is checked and re-checked so that we give the right information to the users.

We are also associated with Non Profit Organizations like Nayi Udaan and Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs. Nayi Udaan is about empowering women who have been victims of incidents like acid attack and helping kids from slums to learn.

Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE), a National-level organization, founded in 1993 and registered under Society Act of India in May 1999, is today, one of India’s Premier Institution for Women thoroughly devoted towards Entrepreneurship Development in the country.

Need of the hour

People do not understand the power of Social Media Platforms. More and more awareness needs to be generated for upcoming brands.

We learned the hard way

We started off we took the new brands as our own baby and did not understand its his baby too. So finally learned the lesson that we need to understand what the client wants and not take the rejection of our ideas too seriously. All is Well !

Did we just share that?

Numbers were never our strong suite. We switched the numbers of home delivery for a Lebanese and Italian restaurant. You can imagine now. Clients took it in the right spirit :P. Phewww

They work with us

We take pride in telling our Clients- Movenpick (Super premium icecream of Nestle), Kwality Group ,Geetanjali Salon, My Bar and many more

Industry as we foresee

Well just like we see how a property value increases with time, It’s the same here. You need to have a Digital Property of your own.

A day without Internet

Honestly a day without internet you feel like you are handicapped or crippled. But sometimes its needed. A piece of Peace isn’t bad at times.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Always ! We would love to hire new talented people who are greedy to learn things online.