Social Media Tool Feature: Sociota – A Social Media Management Tool

About the tool!

Sociota is a Social media management, monitoring and reporting tool.  It allows you to manage multiple social media profiles from Twitter and Facebook right from the Sociota dashboard. It’s a great way to save time and improve your Social Media ROI. The dashboard is designed to let you listen, engage and manage all your accounts from one simple interface. Sociota is packed with features which will help you with a successful campaign.

Who founded the product/company?

Sociota was a brain child of Amitesh Mishra. Being a programmer at heart he decided to develop a tool of his own for all our Social media optimization needs. The first version of Sociota went live in July 2013 and remained accessible to a select few. Later by the end of the year Amitesh along with Nitin Tripathi and Nikhil Tiwari decided to make it a public platform and launched the second version in Feb 2014. With the overwhelming response to the second version we revamped the sit and packed it with new features in the latest version called Sociota 3.0 which is currently available.

What platforms does it cover?

Sociota in its present form covers Twitter, Facebook Accounts and Facebook Pages. We decided to start with the two biggest social media platform and then expand into others with time.

We have already defined our next few steps in terms of platform integration. Going forward we wish to integrate LinkedIn and Google+ as the first step and then go on to Instagram and Pinterest.

Features of the tool?

Along with the obvious features like scheduling and multiple posting available on any other platform we at Sociota provide a bunch of other features for a successful social media campaign. Here is a list.

  1. MagicBox Reporting: A social media monitoring and reporting tool. Great for competitor analysis and #-tag & keyword research.
  2. Keyword analytics: A handy feature for Keyword monitoring on a real time basis with its analytics.
  3. Like Exchange: A tool for, Facebook like exchange and twitter follow increase in exchange of Sociota point and be able to feature your page and twitter handle.
  4. Reach multiplier: Extend your content, and hence increase your reach, to other Sociota users hungry for good content.
  5. Team Management: Have a team working on a range of products? Well manage them through Sociota. Assign tasks, review and compare team the members through profile analytics.
  6. Sociota API: Get your reports white labelled and publish it on your blog, monitor a keyword and get it analytics or post directly through Sociota. All of it whitelabled for your personal website.

These are some of the features unique to Sociota. There are a range of other things that would be interesting for a social media manager.

What analytics support does the tool provide?

Analytics is the fore of produce. Complete competitor analysis i.e. Side by site comparison among different pages, accounts or handle, Keyword and hashtag monitoring and graphical representation of the pattern all of this over four different matrices. Not just this, you can monitor the progress of each of your account/pages on a real time basis.

We provide analytics of the links posted through Sociota using our own link shortener called

Does it give an option to download reports

Download? Well the world has progressed to cloud storage from personal and so have we. All of these reports, until not marked as private by the user, is publicly available and can be accessed in real time. For example if you create a report for your client all you need to do is send him/her the link and every time he opens it, the report will show them the latest data not of just the time you created it.

What kind of sentiment analysis does it do and how accurate is it? What’s the algorithm for sentiment analysis?

We at Sociota have developed our own algorithm of sentiment analysis. We figured out that the existing algorithm is not targeted at social media analysis hence factors like no. of mentions, retweets or shares and many more. Our algorithm even captures the fact that whether the mention is on twitter or Facebook, all of this combined together, Sociota gives a percentage of people talking positive about you.

Pricing & Packages

Sociota comes with 3 level of pricing, a $10 subscription called premium, a $50 subscription called premium plus and a $200 subscription for corporate. Along with paid subscription there is a FREE version of Sociota as well. Each level of subscription has its own unique set of features available to the users. There is a one month free trial available for all the paid subscriptions.


Going forward we have a bunch of other plans for Sociota. One of the first things where we would like to expand is in the increase in the number of social media networks like LinkedIn, Google+ Instagram and Pinterest. We are thinking on providing real time interaction among the team members. The next logical step for Sociota is going to be social media management service providing along with the tool.

We wish to achieve these goals in the near future and then look for new goals going forward.

The Team

We have an effective team of five growing by the day. The team includes developers, designers and marketing & PR experts.

Are you hiring?

Yes we are hiring. We are looking to expand our development team and marketing and PR team in the near future. Going forward we would require designers as well.