Tool Spotlight – Thoughtbuzz Challenge: [Infographic] Social Media State of FMCG in India

As our Tool under Spotlight for this month, we present to you Thoughtbuzz Challenge, an Interactive social media management tool which has been launched by Thoughtbuzz, a Singapore based creative digital agency, with office in Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur and operations in Asia and USA.

There is an increasing need for marketing experts to explain the role of social media in order to advertise & promote FMCG products on social media platforms. The entire process of reaching out to a target customer group via social media channel has drastically changed. Every FMCG product category has its own focus group, that has to be strategically catered to online.

Well, this will only be possible if social media marketers will understand customer needs by tapping their conversations online. Also, another great challenge of FMCG brands is to constantly stay in the public eye so as to be on top of the consumer’s mind while making a purchase decision. With thousands of other brands competing with one another, it is only possible to garner maximum eye-balls, firstly by understanding what the customer is looking for & then serving it to him at the point of need.

Quickly take a look at this interesting infographic to check out the product categories & brands that have penetrated the minds of customers to such an extent that they have gone ahead & become the most talked about brands on social media platforms.