Twitter Application Now Updated For iPhone Users of iOS7 version and Above

Twitter profiles get a facelift on the Twitter App for the iphone users. The update will be available for everyone using iOS7 or above. The new update brings a fresh design to the profiles of the users focusing on the user’s bio, tweets, photos and favorites.

Now users can access all tweets, photos and also favorite a tweet with just a swipe. Also the app will be updated to take advantage of iOS8. Since iOS has integrated Twitter, the user can directly interact with push notifications they receive from Twitter.

This means the user can retweet, favorite, follow & unfollow directly from their notifications on the new iOS8.


The new user interface will not only simplify the user experience, but will also help to add or delete Tweets, followers, photos instantly. Also the users are treated with profile picture and header image when they tap someone’s profile. The new app will simply concentrate on the bio and the timeline of the user giving a rich user experience!

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