Twitter Introduces #TakeFlight : A School for Agencies

Twitter a platform which has a widespread reach today across the globe with 500 million tweets a day and 271 million active users has been a mediator between businesses and customers. Today businesses, agencies, celebrities and people connect with each other directly using Twitter and share their experiences, thoughts, moments, business ideas, views and feedbacks.

Though initially Twitter was used as a mere platform to express views, but slowly and gradually it got noticed by brands, who then started showcasing their presence and what they had on offer for the customers. The scenario gradually changed from “Why Twitter?” to “How Twitter?”. After opening its analytics platform, Twitter is surely getting serious about brand promotions on the platform.

What distinguishes promoting a brand over Twitter from Facebook is that there is direct interaction with the customers and customer interaction can be handled from this platform. Facebook is more about viral marketing while Twitter is about sending out the right messages to the right target audiences.

takeflightwhy Every day businesses and agencies are coming up on Twitter to mark their presence felt over the social media. However, especially the Agencies are facing the problem of not understanding and utilizing the platform to their core use. Thus, if an Ad Campaign does not reach the customers, the efforts put into designing and execution will all go in vain. Thus to overcome this drawback and help the agencies understand Twitter in a better and efficient way and utilize it as a powerful platform to connect with every customer, Twitter has launched a new online learning hub : The Flight School.


takeflighthowThis development is aimed at educating agencies to develop creative marketing campaigns which have a wider reach. The Flight School is an online learning hub which has tailor made courses. These courses include addressing different agency roles and functions, including senior leadership, account planning and campaign management. The advantage of this course is that it is free and can be accessed through a mobile phone, desktop or tablet. It is available for agencies who have an agency email address and an agency Twitter handle.

Twitter has already tested the program with several partners this year, ranging from Starcom MediaVest Group, Omnicom Group along with few small agencies, and the reviews are great.

Flight school is a fantastic online learning hub which assists the agencies in adding expertise to utilize Twitter’s platform to create and execute impactful marketing campaign for their clients.