6 Most Annoying Notification You Get On Facebook

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6 Most Annoying Notification You Get On Facebook

Notifications on Facebook are helpful when they turn out to be helpful reminders. Be it a birthday reminder or an event RSVP. Notifications are the essential for a Facebook user, but what if the notifications disturb the peace in your life and don't even let you sleep? Find out 5 most annoying notifications you may get on Facebook.

  1. Candy Crush Saga

The number one to top the list are notifications received from “Candy Crush Saga”.

Though for many the game is engaging and fun, it seems many are actually fed up with the requests one gets on FB. Two out of three notifications are from Candy Crush. There are instances where one would really like to gather those people who send these requests and crush them .

  1. Getting Tagged In Images That Has No Relation To You Whatsoever

Usually one likes to get tagged in images with their friends, partners, family. But what if one gets tagged in a picture in which they are not even present in? Like Being tagged in a Good Morning Picture or a Happy Diwali Picture turns out to be irritating.

  1. Comments on Photos

Commenting on a beautiful picture is a kind gesture for complementing someone. However as soon as you comment on a picture, there are others who are interested to comment and FB wants you to hear them out as well. Suddenly there’s a realization that they might done a huge mistake  by commenting.

  1. Suggestions to Like a Page

There’s already a lot of stuff going on your Facebook feed and here comes another notification. One of your FB friends suggests you to like a page. It’s understandable if the suggested page makes some sense. Imagine a person who hates a particular team is asked to like their page.

  1. Attend an event.

If we get a personal invite for an event, there’s a possibility that we might attend the event.  But what if you get an invite to attend an event which is suggested by your FB friend. Do we actually pay heed to this notification?

  1. Posts in Groups

There are times when we casually accept the request to join a group not realizing the after effects. Yes, the after effects are unnecessary notifications of posts in the group.

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