5 Best Social Media Campaigns for September 2014

September Social Media campaigns

KFC Reinforces its ‘So Good’ Tagline Through The KFC Friend-Meter Campaign

Through this campaign, KFC has resorted to Social Media and which is unheard of by its competition. If you’ve enjoyed Colonel Sander’s chicken before, you know that a classic KFC bucket is enjoyed along with your friends. KFC had come up with an app called the “KFC Friend-meter” which was not flashy but crisp and simple to understand. The objective of this app was to figure out which kind of KFC meals are enjoyed with your best friends. For example when a friend is compared to KFC boneless strips, that friend might be flexible and reliable. Through this friend centered campaign, KFC has effectively managed to boost the friend factor in this app.  KFC’s campaign extended their ‘KFC So Good’ ideology to ‘KFC So Good friend’ successfully.screenshot-www.socialsamosa.com 2014-09-30 15-57-44



Times Now Tracks the Public Sentiment in relation to100 days of Modi Sarkar

In this campaign Times Now launched a micro site www.100daysofmodisarkar.in to make the most out of the hype around the Modi Sarkar’s 100 days of being in power. They used Twitter by promoting many hashtags. After 100 days of the new government, they decided to take go beyond creating hashtags & unveiled a special micro-site. The micro site displayed the total number of tweets using #100DaysOfModiSarkar and it  also included overall sentiments of the tweets. Times Now struck the right chord with this campaign because they were quick to bank in on the hype and involvement of the public with ModiSarkar.

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BlogAdda’s #CelebrateBlogging Brings The Indian Blogging Community to Connect, Create and Share Stories

Blogadda’s campaign is all about cherishing the concept of blogging and bringing all the bloggers on one page so that they can work together and grow together. It showcases blogging community’s prowess to work like high performance team. As a part of #CelebrateBlogging, “Game of Blogs” allowed bloggers to come together and create stories every week based on the characters that are announced at BlogAdda. The bloggers were paired with other bloggers to create a team and  compete with other teams to create stories that are interesting and showcase the team’s creative skills. BlogAdda’s campaign also helped interact with influencers who can help you grow as a blogger and become successful.

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Kingfisher’s #KFBlueMile Creates User Generated Content Leveraging Travel, the Most Popular Topic on Twitter

Kingfisher being a pioneer brand in digital marketing took the game a step ahead by taking an online campaign offline. Kingfisher’s Blue Mile campaign was targeted at the adventurous and fun-loving youth via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Conversations were bubbling on Twitter & Facebook with #KFBlueMile. KFBlueMile brought people from all over India by having campouts at the base of Mt. Everest with no connectivity and internet. With as many as 6 camp outs across the country leading up to the Everest Base Camp trek, the brand is making every effort to connect with as many users on-ground as possible. The brand has smartly integrated an offline activity with their Twitter & Facebook communities, creating a lot of content through images, videos, blogposts and tweets.

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Nescafé Launches its New TVC With #ItAllStarts, Receives Tremendous Positive Sentiment on Social Platforms

With a Youtube count of 3.2 millions views, Nescafé has managed to portray the emotions of a million people brilliantly with their new TVC campaign. It has surely become a star campaign in the social media circle. The advertisement was posted through Nescafé’s Facebook and Twitter a/c and has garnered a lot of positive reactions. The plot takes us through the journey of a struggling comedian who has a stammering problem but he doesn’t give up on his passion and eventually turns one of his biggest drawbacks into a unique ability. With Nescafé coffee by his side in his struggle to make it big, he comes up with humorous content by turning around his weakness of stuttering. Users showed their praise with #ItAllStars on Twitter and Facebook which makes this campaign one of the most highly successful campaign of September.

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