Bigg Boss Season 2 Kannada Generated Organic Fan Following

Brand Name

Bigg Boss Kannada

Agency Name

Fuego Systems


The objective was to increase the organic fan base of Suvarna TV’s page during the show Bigg Boss 2, increase interaction and engagement on all platforms.

How we did it

The idea was to focus on 2 things, quality content and timing, some trial and error proved to us that updating live great response as the news hit first on our social media pages and later else where, we had a content associate placed at the location where the show was being shot, the advantage being, we got access to the editing room, exclusive images, updates and live gossip as the show progressed.

We started with creating a pre show countdown to generate some curiosity, also, the idea was to open with a bang, during the launch of the show, we had the team post live, every performance, every celebrity disclosure was shared live as the show ran at night, was great to pull some start up traction.

bigg boss

Post throught out the clock – daily live time updates

Good morning to Good night, we ensured that fans were kept engaged throughout the day with news about the show, not to miss the everyday 8- 9 pm live updates religiously every single day that the show ran.

Since this was a regional show, we kept in mind the sentiments of the audience and ensured we posted in kannada and in english to cater to a wider audience. Posts in Kannada got some great interaction.

Not just regular updates – Apart from just posting about the show, we planned to post entertaining content to increase engagement. we started the MEM campaign, posted funny pictures of the contestants and made it more interactive as you can see below, this gathered great interaction among the fans.

bigg boss 2

Voting and nominations

Since voting was online also, vote appeal on social media carried a lot of weightage, focus was on informing the audience and getting people to log on to the website to vote regularly, we posted vote appeals as soon as the lines opened and every single day reminded fans until they closed. All the nominated contestants were updated regularly to keep the fans informed and reminders to vote followed constantly!

bigg boss 4

Contests – #BBK2, #Suvana, #VoteTosave #nominations #WeLoveKitchha #Grandfinaleweek were started to populate all the content of the show.

We ran a 24 hour marathon contest often with questions posted every hour and got heavy interaction for the same. Contest winners were declared every hour, instant declaration of prizes got the fans exited and engagement shot up for every post.


We realized the importance of being on google+ and started a Suvarna page for G+, In a period of 3.5 months the page touched 78,988 and over 2334040 views .

Google Hangouts – #bbkhangouts

Google hangouts were conducted and promoted heavily on social media, celebrities gave exclusive interview on google hangouts which got the fans really exited.

And just like how we started, we needed to end it with a BANG, with coundown posts hitting the page regularly, to running marathon contests to vote appeals to pushing fans to engage the maximum, we posted LIVE as the show aired on the last day.

Moderations and sentiment study

Since there’s always a mixed response on social media from fans, it was very important for us to continuously moderate all the extremely negative comments that came in. Also, in the process we were able to study the general sentiments of the fans towards the course of the show and celebrities, we prepared a sentiment study report regularly where we would analyze the number of positive comments vs negative comments for a particular update on the show and the channel in turn would use the report to understand how the show was being liked by fans.

Driving traffic to the youtube channel

Promoting the videos that went on Youtube was another priority. The videos were packaged and promoted regularly on social media channels to drive more traffic on the youtube page, we offered the fans unseen footages, behind the scene and journey videos of every contestant and gave them a reason to come back for more every time.


Suvarna TV’s page likes shot up to 3x

Suvarna Tv’s page likes before the show – 123k likes

Post the show – 327k likes

*Engagement rate shot from 10 % to 20% (i.e 20% of the fan following was engaged most of the time)

(*likes, shares and comments)

Average number of interactions per post – 2000 – 2500 (likes/ shares/ comments)