A Regional Movie Drives Social Media Engagement with Rs. 0 Advertising Budget

Brand Name

Nenokkadine Movie

Agency Name

First Show Digital


Mahesh Babu has an enormous fan base in Andhra Pradesh. Any content related to him gets great response and love from his fans. The only problem – It’s all scattered in the social media and the fans have no channel to unite their voice.

For 1- Nenokkadine, we used the digital media and created a platform for everyone to come

The campaign stretched over 8 months, from May to December, wherein all the promotional activities of the film happened in the social media – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. With an effective content strategy, engagement strategy and planning the schedule for publishing content, we achieved super successful results. And all this, without spending anything on the advertising!!

This is the first time that a regional film has done an integrated digital campaign, and set a
trend that a lot of others are following now! It’s become a case study for many other films coming now.


In May, our campaign started with the release of the first look poster and trailer. For this, we created a Facebook countdown app and kept the fans excited for the launch!

movie 1

On Twitter, we started driving conversations and our hashtag #Superstariscoming has trended for over 24 hours across India!

movie 2

The activity helped our First Look teaser got a whopping 2.7 Lakh views on YouTube in 24 hours! The video also trended on YouTube homepage for 2 days!

movie 3

With a massive response to the Page, we wanted to coin a name which every Fan can identify himself and reach out to. We called them ‘SUPERFANS’. It charged ‘em all up!!

movie 4

In August, we planned the release of a motion poster(made by us) and a teaser.

movie 5

We kept pushing the content every day on social media and it worked – The teaser got
over 1 mn views in less than 3 days, and 2 mn views in 15 days!

And then, we launched the #Meetsuperstar contest!

We have released a Micro Audio teaser before the audio launch and it trended on Twitter!

movie 6

Social media is about listening! We’ve released a song which had the hero of the film wearing nerdy glasses. This look was loved by all! Hence we came up with an image recognition app where a fan can get the superstar’s look!

We built a web app called get the superstar look. It uses image recognition so a fan could get a lookof his favourite star. The social integration made sure that the application got a good reach.

movie 7


We did not miss out on the basic engagement apps like Theatrical trailer, JukeBox and Book Tickets.



  • Within less than a week, we got over 9,300 entries for this! Out of this, we chose 5 winners.
  • This activity helped us trend on Twitter for over 18 hours across India!
  • Because of the buzz created, the video also got a great number of views!
  • The Outcome Of The Book Tickets App Was A Whopping 7500+ Tickets Influenced On Day-1

movie 8


The digital campaign of 1-Nenokkadine has therefore been a huge value add for the film, and it
drove the entire marketing of the film!

The right mix of various platforms, proper content strategy, an engagement strategy that kept people excited and waiting for the next activity, along with good listening has enabled us to pull off such a massive and long campaign!